Is it IBS

Just wanted to let everyone know that its not always what doctors say! I have been quite ill for over 18 months now and been to a&e 3 times,presenting with a huge stomach, like nine months pregnant with twins, this happened suddenly, feeling like vomiting, urgent loose bowels, looked very sick, doctors thinking I had liver cancer at first, I had 4 months of tests looking for cancer as tests came back showing my body had something wrong, hospital did not want to do anything saying you just got IBS, I perservered with my gp and finally they found I had a condition caused from having my gallbladder out 40 years ago, my body coped fine all those years and i was slim, suddenly i gained weight, one week i put on 7kg. The condition i have is called Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, so if you have had gallbladder removal and then problems started, even years later it is worth looking into this, I cannot digest food properly or metabolise fat, hence the weight gain even though going to ww and then doing the low carb diet. wishing you all well.

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  • Don't know what to say. I have a similar problem a large bloated stomach. Docs and other health workers as well as friends keep pointing it out saying it massive. Had scans, tests of all kinds every always everything comes back negative. they have no idea what it is, thing is, I aint had my gallbladder removed.

  • T and blow up after eating?hanks for your reply, its frustrating I know, do you feel sick after eating?

  • yes sometimes and I get a tight feeling of pressure on the tight side. later I get loads of gas.

  • Sibo is something you should check into, that is a big symptom of that. It's small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Go see a naturopathic dr. Traditional dr's are not much aware of anything with Ibs

  • Hi thank you for your reply, I have done a candida cleanse and noticed a big improvement.

  • Interesting Angbri! I was just posting how I noticed a difference after urine infection and joint IBS attack in Nov (soooo painful I cant explain), had antibiotics to rid the UTI, then my Homeopath gave me a detox to rid my body of the antibiotics before she could give me anything else for another issue I had, after that (and taking probiotics) I didnt have an IBS attack for nearly 2 months, previously I was averaging 2 weekly!! I do wonder if my attacks are bacterial based?

  • Well there is only one certain antibiotic that can treat the sibo. Funny thing is.. Antibotic use or having surgery can cause the sibo to appear. But the antibiotic used to treat the sibo is absorbed differently in the body & attacks only that. Staying on the lowfodmap diet & probiotics which sounds you are taking are great steps to keeping bacteria away. You can be tested to see if you have sibo, it's spendy but I was able to do through the naturopathic college for a quarter of the price

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