Oh dear, I can't even create a post without losing it today; I'm really getting upset now. For years I have suffered with IBS'D' -

now suddenly, over the last three weeks or so, my problem has turned into IBS'C' - I suppose I had had the 'D' version for so long I had become kind of used to it, it was sort of 'normal', even though I had days when I couldn't even leave the house and it messed up our lives at home. Planned routes for journeys, constant nausea and bad taste, but I managed it. Now, this IBS'C' is scary - I feel like my stomach is going to explode (I eat like a bird, but good diet), the pain is a constant, nagging, ache - with no respite. I won't take pain killers because I am on so many meds and anyway some painkillers just make matters worse. I guess I'm just hoping that one of you guys can tell me that this is not unusual.....I suddenly feel frightened......

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  • Sadly this is part of the course with IBSC. I am continually bloated and in pain just about everywhere and exhausted. You might find you not only get constant nagging pain in the abdomen but also sharp intense stabbing pains. Pains in the back, legs, hips, arms, shoulders ......... but please don't be scared. I know there has to be an answer somewhere. I'm passed the scared stage and now just totally fed up with it. Keep faith and hope alive it will be your best friend. I am so sorry I can't give you a way out of your problem, because some things work for some and some don't work for others. This site has been the most important part for me because it stops me going loopy.

  • Thank you so much for responding - I have coped for so long, as you do, but when things change it becomes 'the unknown' again, and scary once more. Thanks again, this site is a lifeline.

  • Have you tried the Low Fodmap diet? It was developed by medical professionals and works for 75% of ibs suffers. After 20 years of suffering it has helped me.

  • I found low FODMAPS helped the pain but constipating. I already had IBS-C but can't hurt to try as it is a good diet. For IBS-C I highly recommend massage for abdominal pain, exercise and talk like a support group.

  • I presume you have tried keeping a food diary and your bowel movements on each day and at what time.

    Have you tried food elimination.

    If you are intolerant of lactose and dairy, as I am, you should be aware that a lot of tablet medication contains lactose including imodium and ibuprofen.

    I have to stick to a strict dairy free diet and have to read all the ingredients of medication. You can get gel capsules of ibuprofen

  • Thanks to everyone who responded - it helps to be reminded I am not the only one that gets really upset about it at times. Thanks guys.

  • Hi tansy-ann8; I've had IBS C for many years, never had IBS D which seems worse to me as it takes over your life alot more. Like dipsy14 I suffer with pain in - the tops of my legs, around my shoulder blades, lower and upper stomach; hips, side and middle of my back. I also get acute pain if I've been sitting on a bad chair i.e. I'm on a chair where it is too low for the table and also if I'm in a meeting and have to write, this means I am crouching over a table - I end up in pain all the time after sitting like this. I can't eat broccoli or cauliflower as I end up in alot of pain. Best of luck to you and I hope that you find something that works

  • OMG; I didn't connect the back pain when sitting at a table over a meal out, or whatever. Thanks crazyfitness, there are so many connections with this awful complaint.

  • You are most welcome tansy-ann8; it's trial and error on working out what is connected and what isn't. I was diagnosed with IBS in 1996 after a bout of food poisoning and initially I was suffering every day. Although I do still get flare ups it's not as bad as it used to be. I was reading a magazine some years ago and came across an article on IBS which had been written by a man and he was saying how much he suffered with the condition and then started taking Multibionta by Seven Seas. This is a multi vitamin pill and it contains probiotics. I was intrigued by the article so decided to try them myself and even though I still get flare ups I swear that these multi vitamins have made the condition bearable and doesn't stop me doing anything. It's worth giving them a try and even if they don't work, they are definitely good for the immune system. Best of luck

  • Thanks again.

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