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Does anyone who suffers with IBS feel worse the more you use the toilet

I find each time I go the toilet I feel worse.i suffer with chronic IBS daily and instead of feeling better when I go the toilet I feel worse.I am becoming at the end of my tether,I think my husband fed up of seeing me cry as he can't help me .I thought I had a strong pain barrier but it's getting me down now.Sorry for the rant .

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I feel exactly the same, as if I had written your post myself in fact. I know my husband feels useless seeing my in agony and losing consciousness and he is becoming so blasé about it which makes me feel worse because he is so used to it. Except I never get used to the crippling pain and dizziness and disorientation etc. I don't contribute anything to this world anymore, can barely leave the house. I feel I haven't had any of an "adulthood", I went from student to being really ill and unable to work/earn/socialise/live. If only there was some support out there, both emotionally and financially instead of disbelief and ignorance (and that's just the doctors!). If I had a penny for every time I've been told just to "get on with it, you should be lucky you're not dying of bowel cancer"...


Thank you Whiteladder for your reply. I agree with you how people think about IBS i don't think they realise how debilitating it is.Thursday this week I'm going to see a dietician about the Fodmap diet,I'll let u know how I get on.I am also havering a lactose and fructose intolerance test so that will be a starting block.I really sympethize with you but I will give you some advise.Dont give up and push for all the help you can get,there is also a lot of help on this site.Dont try and go on diets your self push to see a dietician .Hope I have been of some help

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Make sure you tell your partners how you would like them to behave when you are struggling. They don't know what to do just as much as you don't. Perhaps they could make you a cup of tea and give you some cuddles when your out of the bathroom?

Definitely get referred to a dietician, keep a food/symptoms diary and eat plain, unprocessed foods. White fish and steamed/boiled veg is very good, as is rice/chicken those sort of things. and u should add a drizzle of olive oil to your veg, because oil is good for lubricating your bowels and generally calming things, i suggest olive oil because i think it has the most health benefits too, in the form of vitamins and minerals and so on.

take each day as it comes, try to distract your mind when you can as focusing on it will only make things worse and look after yourself. warm baths, nice fluffy slippers, hot water bottles for cramps/aches etc. anything to make things more manageable.

And don't forget gentle exercise, going for a short walk can help mentally - wear an adult diaper if u would feel safer doing so - u can get very good ones these days and you should do what you need to, to not let IBS rule your life. im sure that as times passes, u will eventually be able to go for a walk without worrying too much and the movement will do soo much good for you.


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