I am having a CT scan on Friday as I am in constant pain mainly around and under my ribs on left hand side. I am constipated but I am dealing with this.I have been diagnosed with IBS and Diverticulitis in the past and have flare ups but not like or as long as this. I have had lots of blood .stool and urine tests even an ECG as I had bad chest pains at one point. On paper I am very healthy but of course I feel the worst now has I have lost 10lb in weight since August. I have stopped all biscuits,cake and bread so I suppose I will loose weight but so much? I am supposed to go away on holiday for a month to Australia and now am awaiting the results before I cancel. Feeling rock bottom. Does this sound like IBS?

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  • If you remember, i have the same left sided pain but no constipation or diarrhoea. I had had it constantly for 8 months but since I have cut out certain foods, it is intermittent. I have had quite long periods (3 weeks ) without pain. My scan is on Monday so we can swop notes!

    Have you got to do bowel prep? I am awaiting my instructions through the post. Good luck with yours. X

  • Hello I have to drink 500mls water lunchtime and again evening on the day before my scan then on the morning before my scan and a normal diet day before but a light meal on the morning. Mine is at 1.45 I then am having a dye injection before the scan starts.

  • Got my instructions now. Loads of instructions re diet for 2 days before then got to drink a dye liquid called omnipaque then picolax day befor. Not looking forward to it but will be good to know if anything is going on. Good luck with yours.x

  • Thankyou and the same to you

  • I have the same pain in my left side just under my ribs, I am also feeling very tiered and I am getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, think I am going through a big flare up ATM!

  • I have just finished seeing gastro specialist for pain under ribs left hand side and had colonoscopy and gastroscopy and ct scan with dye injected. Nothing nasty found. The drinking of the bowel prep was the worst part of the whole procedure. Tastes horrible

  • I am pleased for you it gives me hope thankyou

  • I had the same problem Step up your fibre to 30 grams a day,worked for me

    Check what you have now,you will be surprised

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