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Candida, or thrush what are your symptoms ?

I had 5 months of severe diahorrea,then followed by severe constipation. Pains from breast level down to groin , permanent severe painful wind, so severe could only sleep 2 hours per night. Most nights woke up coughing with severe thick mucus, would have to cough and cough to get rid of it,disgusting . Lost 2.25 stone and started At 9.5 i. Ghe first place.Tachycardia, very fast heart rate, tried Fodmaps and followed many other suggestions. Desperate craving for sweet thing (I have always been a savoury person). Fortunately due to another health problem had an endoscopy, they found cadidasis in my oesophagus . I have just started on Fluconazole 50 mg, for 10 dys initially. So please be insistent about treatment, I have slept for 6 hours in a night,mucus problem is gone pain and bowel problems are easing, tachycardia is now gone and I have put on a few pounds.

Get privately tested if need be, insist, it can be very severe as mine was, but Dr.s do not believe it can cause such extreme effects.if need be get a privet prescription ,beige me it will be worth it.

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I have read a few places that Candida can be so extreme it can be debilitating. If you're not happy with Dr ask for second opinion or new Dr. Stand your ground if you think you are not being listened to.


I do not blame my Dr. In fact he is fascinated by the difference it has made and never come across a case like mine, he is glad he is now aware as it will help him with others. I was really advising others, and wanted everyone to know just how severe it can get if not treated, and to get treated as soon as. It really is important to eliminate candida. I can't tell you how great it is for my stomach to feel normal again, and starting to get some strength back.


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