Does anyone else with IBS have almost constant itching of the anus area which stops them from sleep at night and concentrating in the day?

After almost a year of tests and procedures I've been told that it sound like IBS is one of the main causes of all my problems, which is constipation, bloated ness, pain, wind and terrible itching!! I still feel like they not found out what is wrong with me as passing stools can be impossible to the point of almost fainting!! Await another scan......

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  • It sounds like you could have worms which is very common and very treatable. Has your go tested for this!

  • I've treated myself for that and for thrush just in case but still no better. At my wits end!! Dr just say it's where I have small tears and stools irritate it but I always swipe myself with special wipes and why would it suddenly happen as soon as I get up and start my morning routine?

  • You might have Candida, a growth of a yeast in your stomachs. If you Google it if will recommend things to avoid and things to eat. Good luck.

  • It's possible that the anal itching maybe as a result of internal piles. Have they examined your rectum recently? The other symptoms you describe definitely sounds like INS, but could also be diverticulitis. If scan comes back normal ask for a CT colon scan that is more in depth

  • Sounds like internal and possibly external piles to me. I know because I have IBS C and have same problems. Very distressing for you.

  • aloe vera and cold compresses applied to the area might help. my prayers to you--this condition is no fun

  • also probiotics

  • If your toilet paper has any colour on it or is scented then that could be the cause of your itching problem. Also maybe the itching is becoming a habit and the more you scratch the more irritated the skin becomes. Maybe try not to scratch for as long as possible to see if that helps...But it doesn't sound very nice for you to put up with, I hope you find something that helps x

  • Piles can be pretty common with constipation as, I'm not sure because I'm not an expert, but I think piles can be created from tears and such around that area? However, it's also possible it could be Candida as a few people have said. I am quite prone to getting thrush, which is probably an indication of too much yeast in me. I fact I also get itching around my bum may be linked to that or maybe piles. I'm in the same position as you in that sense - I don't know what the cause of my itching is! Is there any blood when you wipe? This is linked to tears and also piles. xx

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