Away last night for weekend 2 mintec before meal. 3 am diarhorrea, ? Lopermide as a preventative when eating out in social settings

I was up for 90 minutes with 6 or 7 episodes. If I lie down thinking it is over, my goodness it starts again. It is as if lying down stretches the gut. Off on a train trip for work tomorrow so will take lopermide tonight. Any ideas? Should I take lopermide before a meal out. Something irritated me and so far diary has revealed nothing. Thanks in advance for any help

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  • I personally always take loperamide before I eat out in a social setting, think it helps psychologically too as it helps stop me worrying which can also bring on diarrhoea! Spoke to my doctor about it who said its not an issue to do this as long as its not all the time but obviously check with your doc just to make sure :)

  • I keep to a very strict dairy free diet which keeps my diarrhorea under control. I found that loperamide didn't make any difference to me

  • if i have to go out ie [ doctors , hospital, ] i would start taking them the night before and then as needed through the day . unless you have other medical reasons they will do you no harm taking full dose for couple of days

  • Hello thanks for all your suggestions. I will definitely try lopermide before eating out especially as I will be eating out over festive season. It is good to know that it doesn't do any hasrm to use for a few days. Does anyone use the melts and are they quicker to react? Thanks again for all suggestions

  • hi, yes i find the the instants do work much quicker and more convenient as you dont need to drink to take then, but more expensive.

  • Thanks now using them.

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