ive had IBS almost 20yrs, ive had all the test and the results were diverticular diesese, but consultant said not bad enough to give me all this terrible pain and all other symptoms, so diagnosed IBS,I have every symptom,d/c,pain so sever it makes me vomit and I have to be doubled up on toilet with rolled up towel pressed in my tummy,cramps,gas,bloating,I have tried everything my gp can offer with no effect,tried hypnotherapy with no effect,I have spent a fortune on so called cures i have heard about with no effect,if i'm lucky I might get one good day a week the rest are nightmares,people don't understand that you can't make plans,at the moment i'm trying high dose VIT D3 I read it helps some people,I do keep trying but there are times I feel I can't cope anymore,the only thing that have helped me is magnesium citrate ,that helps with the constipation but everything else as been just a waste of money,i have now had to give up work due to this IBS mornings are a complete nightmare but so are most afternoons and evenings now.

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  • Glad you're on magnesium . Have you tried physical therapy for abdominal pain? You'd need to find a PT who specializes in this. It's helped me a lot as well as the low FODMAPS diet .

  • Thank you PatV I will look into that,x

  • FODMAPS diet is fantastic. Ask your consultant to refer you to a dietician who specialises in it.

  • Also ask him to test you for fructose, lactose and glucose malabsorption. Also for SIBO.

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