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Day 3 of strict Low Fodmap diet and I'm not feeling well

Bearing in mind I do have a very speedy system and even though I've just been using the Monash Uni Low Fodmap diet since Friday Lunchtime, I'm IBS symptom free. No cramps, only 2 trips to the loo since Friday.

However, I fell rough this morning. The best way to describe it is I fell like I've got a hangover from hell.

Felt quite sick through the night and have been to work this morning for half an hour before coming to the conclusion I couldn't make it through the day.

I suspect my body is in shock as my diet was poor in comparison.

Is this normal? I'm eating plenty just no wheat, using lactose free milk and avoiding red light fruit and veg.


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It could be a number of things especially due to the time of year. Have you thought about taking a pro-biotic along side the diet. My dietician has asked me to take bio kult. Have a look at their web site. It may just be a cold coming on too. Good luck.


Unfortunately the FODMAP diet doesn't work for everyone if your IBS is not food related. I have never found my triggers despite years of eliminating foods and trying every drug/alternative therapy available and got no relief. Please don't pin all your hopes on it working-if it doesn't it could cause you more stress that could make your symptoms worse! Good luck x


Could be a mystery bug and not the diet. Huge coincidence, but coincidences happen all the time!

Hope you feel better soon.


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