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How isolated and/or how much would it affect your daily life if you didn't have the internet?

Personally, I can't imagine my life without the internet. I live by myself and have very little face-to-face contact with other human beings. The only person I speak to regularly is my carer otherwise it is the odd telephone call to relatives, the Doctors' surgery to make appointments and the Doctor when I visit him otherwise all communication is by e-mail.

I've joined communities on-line, I research online, I do all of my shopping on-line.

Life would be so difficult without the internet.

I also think that the Internet is partially to blame for people, and I include myself in this, not making the effort to join clubs etc and be with other people. It seems like so much hassle to have to get dressed up, organise transport to and from the venue, meeting new people etc versus just sitting and typing,

What do you think?

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I know I'd probably see direct sunlight earlier in the day if I didn't hit the internet first thing while i'm waiting for meds to take effect. I do sleep better if I get out. If I had a carer, I'd request that part of the routine would be to get me out, have coffee at a sidewalk cafe or something. On the other hand, I do feel more plugged in to news and those friends and family who go online.


I think it's swings & roundabouts. I would hate to know the total hours I have spent trying to find a 'cure'.

I don't do Facebook and site like that. I belong to this, a cat forum and one for the area where I was born/grew up. That is it. I spend too much time online and think I would be on it 24/7 if I joined any more forums.

Thankfully I can go to the shops etc if I am up to it - although not always easy. I can often work around it by going on a 'good' day. I am lucky that there is a co-op a minute's walk away. When I have to to something it is quite stressful. I HAVE to be at the vet's tomorrow for one of my cats to have a T4 test. I can't expect them to be understanding if I'm not up to it.

But yest, I would feel more isolated without it. My partner works away 4 days a week and I'm not a great socialiser.


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