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Could talking about IBS too much actually be bad?

I think this forum is great, its really nice way to support each other and offer advice, and it is a great way to vent to people that understand which is so necessary! But i wonder if talking about it too much could actually be a bad thing? Do you think if its focused on too much it could make it worse as IBS is often linked to the brain and how we feel, like stress, nerves etc ? And do we think being around people eating could actually be a bad idea? I say this due to recent experiences and not being 100% sure what made the situation worse!

Interested to hear your thoughts! :)

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You sound like a very nice, very honest and thoughtful person, Mina Fox. I think maybe not ALL...but MOST of us have a tendency to find it hard to not dwell on this problem...and I 'usually' handle the IBS thing well .... its just nice to be able to ask questions of people who 'understand'... I think the ideal is to hit a happy medium... when its not bothering you (fergetdaboutdit) :) and I have a feeling you do. I don't come to these sites every day... only when I feel I have a question or need to vent to simply 'be with' people who understand... I do not think its a good idea to obsess on anything...and I KNOW "YOU" have the right idea. I have a feeling you are going to do just fine!! AND its extremely important to immediately FORGIVE yourself when you've been dwelling...and just FORGET it then... I don't always...but I say often to myself "I am in the NOW"... no fear of past or future...just Be Here Now (thank you Ram Das! :) )



You are absolutely right! thank you for your lovely response! I feel much better for even reading it :) We must focus on now and be as positive as we can! :) I feel your positivity reaching through the screen haha! Keep it up :D x


Overthinking about illnesses and general negatives makes adrenaline and nerves worse by far.... I had to learn new techniques to distract myself from it all otherwise it would def add to my IBS. It's a bit of a cycle when you worry about getting sick and then get sick because you're worrying! Depends on if you can talk about it and not let it freak you out or stress you out I guess?? How do you feel when you discuss it all? Okay? Stressed? Anxious? Xx


I can talk about it pretty openly and have no issues - im all about helping other people when i find out they have IBS so im often discussing it! but i feel like ive been discussing it with a lot of people recently ( not just on here which i think is fine) so i feel maybe its been a bit of a focus! but i certainly think distraction is best, and o ften have felt my best when im not worried about it! I have got through it before as i was determined not to let it ruin my life ! so i shall get through it again with a good balance :) x


I agree - living in the NOW is best option. Not worrying too much about the future and not obsessing over the past.

Going on this forum when we need support is the best option, rather than obsessing.

The amount we are on it will be different for everyone. Some may need it every day if they are going through a rough time. Later they may not need it at all.

1. See Eckhaart Tolle for info on living in the NOW.

2. Also mindfulness is very helpful for reducing depression and stress related illnesses. Best is to go on a course with other people - that is a technique that helps you live in the present more.

3. Or go on the web and do a completely free course on mindfulness.

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thanks so much!! i shall certainly check this out :)


I used to think the same and i could literally bring on an episode by thinking about it all or when i had to explain it to new people (eg. work colleagues). Now that doesnt happen, because I educated myself and read A LOT about it (not wikipedia or forums but bio-journals and medical press)

...so knowledge is power!

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I sure is! :)


Hi Minna,

I can see your point, but I personally think that if you have IBS it's important to understand it and get rid of it. Why? Because although we won't die from IBS, it is doing us and our bodies harm. Check out my post on sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

It took me over 25 years to beat IBS - and I had a load of symptoms that got progressively worse and worse, to the point that I bloated out 2 dress sizes every morning.

For me, actively seeking a solution is being responsible for your health and well-being. And this is what helped me to find my way out.

So don't give up:)




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