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Pancreatitis and IBS

After having Pancreatitis a few times a year at the age of 21 until 23 the hospital told me it left me with IBS and stomach ulcers. I am now 26 and had nothing but problems since with my stomach!

Symptom incudes diarrhoea, stomach pains, urgency to go, bloating so bad I look 9 months pregnant, tiredness, headaches, weight gain (thats an odd one I know) feeling like I haven't fully gone, loose stools...need I go on!

I am now back to square one have both a endoscopy and colonoscopy tests, stool tests, blood tests and all the rest. I have tried charcoal and peppermint capsules,neither of them worked. I have tried avoiding gluten, wheat and dairy and nothing!

Any help and advice would be welcomed as I just don't know what to do for the next few months until I get the test results. Thats if anything even comes back!


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Ask your GP for a referral to a dietitian so you get some one-on-one help with this.

Do you know about the low-FODMAP diet which is very successful for a lot of people on here including me?



Hi there i am sorry you are so unwell, my story is very much the same, with 16months of intensive tests, finally been put on mebervine and diagnosed as bile malabsorption, have you had your gallbladder out?

I have been put on Questran Lite for this and have a huge improvement, maybe ask your doctor what he thinks. wishing you well.


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