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Have you visited the online clinic?

TalkHealth are hosting a one week only online clinic centred on bladder/bowels and IBS!

Similar to the forum here, individuals can join for free and have their questions answered by a clinical expert.

To participate visit: talkhealthpartnership.com/f...


And do be sure to let us know what you think!

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this is just what I need, how do I talk to them????????


Hi sam1981, if you click on the following link and click on 'post a new topic' it will ask you to sign up - it is free! Once you have done this you can get posting as many questions as you'd like and one of the panel of experts will respond to you. Hope that helps!



Hi there, I posted in the online forum last week and was hoping for a GI specialist or the like to reply? Now my posts are locked and I cannot post anything further?


Hi Whiteladder42, unfortunately as stated in the original post, the clinic was only open for one week so as of the 16.07.13 the clinic has ended so sadly there will be no more answers. Members of the network can post their questions to Professor Nick on a members page of the website who will be able to provide an answer.


Guess I posted in the wrong place to get a reply will repost everything on the members page as suggested. I saw Professor Nick had replied to others in the same forum but not mine so will keep fingers crossed this time it gets seen :-)


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