Confused told today diarrhoea is because of past operations

Went to hospital today and doctor has changed my medication to colestramine and codeine. They now say my diarrhoea is down to past operations I've had the latter being a gall bladder removal which he says has made it worse. Why don't the doctors warn you before these operations that things will get worse. Feeling very confused and down as they are also saying I don't need to change my diet and I thought that was part of the reason for the diarrhoea

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  • I would say go with your own instinct. If you feel better on a certain diet than stick to it.

  • Thanks ibsr I feel that fatty food make it worse and they don't seem to want to listen its like he said its down to the ops get on with it. Have to have a gastroscope next month so hoping it gives some answers.

  • Sorry to say this but Drs are only ever trained in one thing...they will not think outside of the box and look at you as a whole person with varying symptoms.

    If you can find a good nutritionist they will offer you advise on what is good to leave out and what to include if you feel that you need support or advice.

    I highly recommend trusting yourself can always post questions about certain foods and their effects up here.

    I for one have noticed deep fried food gives me diarrohea problems so now avoid them :-)

  • It would be nice if doctors were able to take a more holistic approach to our treatment. I hope the colonoscopy gives you some answers. You know your body better than anyone else, and as long as the diet is balanced, go with one that suits you. We all know our own triggers, some of mine are far more efficient than laxatives are often cheaper and tate better....

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