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Looping Colon found during colonoscopy, but nothing else!

I had my colonoscopy and gastroscopy today having inexplicably losing 3 stones in weight. I had changed my diet due to bloating, diarrhea and pain. My GP suspected IBS but said the tests would clarify this.

The result shows a looping colon and a hiatus hernia which apparently isn't an issue.

The consultant has not recommended a follow up appointment and has referred me back to my GP. Is the next step a dietician and further IBS treatment? The only part of the procedures I remember as I was sedated is severe pain during the colonoscopy - would this be my looping colon?!

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Sorry I have no idea about the looping colon, but would suggest you look at the FODMAP diet to help ease symptoms.

Ask your gastro to refer you to a FODMAP trained dietician or better if you can find your own FODMAP trained nutritionist.


My colonoscopy was described as "difficult due to looping" (I was OUT) . My GI has referred me to a nutritionist and in fact advocates FODMAPS, since my pain is partly neuro-muscular due to PD and partly triggered by foods.


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