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Anyone take digestive enzymes

I have tried quite a few in the past but haven't noticed any positive results. I saw a poster in the window of my local nutrition shop today for a new product that I am tempted to try. I am fed up with buying things that don't seem to do a thing :(


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I started taking digestive enzymes (Nutrigest) 8 days ago alongside aloe juice (Pukka), which I started 3 weeks ago, and so far, so good.

The microbiologist who did a stool analysis for me found that my pH level was too alkaline and suggested that this can be due to the pancreas not functioning as well as it might causing an imbalance of gut flora. She suggested that I take digestive enzymes plus a probiotic. When I said that probiotics had done me no good in the past, I was told that if it's a pancreatic problem, you have to combine them with enzymes so that the root cause of the imbalance is tackled as well.

As this is all costing me large sums of money, I was hoping to get the VSL#3 on prescription as I'm sure I read somewhere that it's possible - or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part!

I'm hoping that by doing all of the above, I'll be able to slide off my FODMAPs diet more often with no ill-effects.



Thanks for that. I have also been on the Pukka Aloe for about 10 days. I had 3 good(ish) days and it has been downhill since The last 2 days have been pretty bad. I have some Holland & Barrett high-strength enzymes (I think Quest make them) so I will start taking those too. I also have some Bioglan Gastrohealth (20 billion) probiotics - again, that I stopped taking as I didn't notice any improvement, but maybe the 3 things in combination might help (not holding my breath though :) )


I wish us both well with this combination - could be interesting to compare notes a few weeks down the line.



Go to see your doctor and ask for Creon capsules. It comes in various strengths and you have to take it 3 times a day at the same time ask food. It is a Pancreatic Enzyme that helps the body digest nutrients from what you eat through food and fluid. Since taking Creon 40000 for the last 3 1/2 years my IBS D is more or less under control and I can get out and about once again. Of course I said more or less and this depends on what I eat as I can still have accidents if I eat the wrong food! Talk to your doctor or dietician about Creon. I was stuck in hospital for 4 weeks post op. and was started on Creon after stool analysis and within a week of starting the Creon I was able to leave the hospital and come home. Of course as I said I have to take it 3 times a day with food. Try it.


Thanks Chrissie,

I am at the point now where I feel my GP humours me. He said if I get info on any other treatments he will tell me if it is worth a go or 'snake oil' - I am just wondering if he might say that I don't have a problem with my pancreas.

Funnily enough, having cats with various health problems, I have come across quite a few animal meds. Only last week someone said their vet has prescribed a pancreatic enzyme for a cat with IBS/IBD - as one of mine is allergic to wheat & dairy and still has flareups despite only feeding foods without either in, I am considering trying it. I read the info on it and it said the granules have an enteric coating as stomach acid destroys enzymes and their product only dissolves in the alkaline environment in the gut. If that is really the case, most enzyme products on the market must be totally worthless? - I assume Creon is coated in a similar way (I will read up on it later).

I have read exactly the same thing about probiotics. The ones I was taking (Mightidophilus) come in an enteric capsule.

Anyway, thanks for the info :)



This formulation looks pretty good to me. Or you could add the various ingredients to your diet. Papain comes from papaya, bromelain from fresh pineapple. In moderation :)


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