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I'm having an episode of IBS this weekend, so I'm not happy! It started about 20 years ago but I have long spells with no symptoms (which makes me think it's a fabricated illness -until the next episode!)

I have diahorrea-dominant IBS and have experienced faecal incontinence which is extremely embarrassing! I've been given Colpermin and have recently bought hyoscine butyl bromide/ Buscopan but neither seem to help.

I was on NSAID's for sciatica over the years which affect the stomach and was prescribed amitriptiline for the same condition but found it too sedating.

I understand the comments about becoming reclusive as I frequently remain at home instead of socialising for fear of not being near a toilet.

However, I do think there is a psychological aspect to the condition. It may be the chicken and egg question but I am usually stressed when I have a recurrence.

Maybe my activities stress me or maybe I'm stressed by the stomach cramps and need to find a loo!

I recently went back to running (with the NHS choices couch to 5k) and hope it will help...

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Oh that sounds awful. Have you kept a diary of foods you've eaten each time you get those symptoms? How often does this happen to you?

Hope you feel better soon.

have u had any tests. sounds like me. i had a camera last year after suffering for 30 years + and ive got lymphocytic colitis. this is inflamation of bowel and causes pain and diarhorra. it can be caused by certain tablets. im on fodmap diet thats helped loads. hope u get sorted. x

definitely I isolate when in pain . I have IBS-C and Parkinson's. Hope to get it sorted out soon! Good luck to you.

Thanks for all your good wishes. I was en route to work today after taking loperamide and Buscopan and had to turn back with the cramps. I'm just increasing the loperamide and avoiding most foods in the hope that I'll be able to go back to work tomorrow. I do think it's related to stress in my new post as I'm just starting my 3rd week.

Have you ever heard of angio-neurotic-oedema?? it isnt a common condition. But you sound very like me. At puberty i suffered from what seemed like severe IBS and missed a lot of schooling, I had tests done and they diagnosed "spastic colon" and i had no further help, my stmptoms came and went but stayed managable..my next major flare up happened the day before i turned 21 and resulted in me being taken to A+E and on my 21st I had an appendectomy, after surgery the consultant came to myself and my family to explain that when they opened me up my appendix wasnt burst but that my belly was full of fluid and my lymph nodes were swollen..the next 2 years were spent back and forth to an immunology team at the John Radcliffe hospital..they explained that angio-nuerotic oedema can cause IBS type symptoms..swelling of the stomach, diahorea, vomiting and severe pain I can compare the pain to childbirth!! it can be that bad..I was living in a different area back then and my Gp was fab and between the GP and the immunology team they tried several drug therapies, the drugs that helped me the most were prednisolone (steroids) I stayed on them for 8 months and my symptoms abated. they did return periodically usually when i was pregnant.

I am 40 now and had been symptom free for over 10 years however my IBS has flared up terribly since I had my youngest child 3 years ago, ive had every test, seen dieticians tried the fodmap diet, nothings doing much good..im beginning to think I will have to head back to an immunology team (I live on the south coast now so my gp isnt familiar with my past medical experiences) I just hope that by going down this route I may finally get some answers as to whats going on as life is really quite unbearable at times. :(

I am sorry to ramble but your post struck a chord with me and I just sometimes think its worth mentioning that what is passed off as IBS can often be somthing completely different!

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Wow sickansore, that sounds horrendous. It's awful how some medics are too quick to label something that they have no idea about. Is there anything in the alternative med world? Hope you find a remedy soon.

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