Run the Gauntlet; stage #4 ,In remission,any questions ?

Run the Gauntlet; stage #4  ,In remission,any questions ?

Dad removed his prostate at age 72 Therefor I should have tested at 40. Didn't check until 53 and stopped peeing due to tumors blocking urethra .Insert foley, flomax,hyophen,then 5 weeks waiting for Dr. To return from spring break with his kids to do biopsy..Didn't make it ,went into kidney failure.After one week,Emerged from hospital with bi-lateral nephostimy tubes out of back and foley also.. biopsy returned stating; stage #4 metastatic prostate cancer .Blown out of prostate into urethra bladder and lymph nodes in pelvis.Non-Operable....Did radiation...saga rapidly advanced.... Had two years of tubes,then stints from bladder to kidney, all under either; 1st Firmagon, then Eleguard, then lupron until Orcheoectomy Sept.1st. Now currently, no visible signs of P.C. And Psa is minus .00 something. Thank God!!!!

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  • Yes, Thank God you are alive and well!

  • Thank you, and God bless you!!


  • I'm sorry,I don't fully understand your question please let me know what you mean by How many years??

  • sorry for confusion. since you have been--by GODS BLESSINGS- performing well, on health front for many years, I requested for your brief history. thanks

  • Thank you,and thank god.

  • Wow! You certainly have been through it but so glad that you are now cancer free. My OH had an enlarged prostate in 2004 and in 2014 was diagnosed with low grade PC. He is 66 in April and on active surveillance and is regularly checked by the clinic at Guys in London.

    Our son is 37 this year and we know we have to encourage him to go for testing as despite everything they say about PC generally being an older man's disease, there are always exceptions to the rule.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, it has given me more of a push to get our son to understand how important it is to be tested.

  • Thank you.That male ego prevented me from even a prostate exam or PSA. My near death could have been prevented..Catch these things early and they can be greatly diminished.Good luck to all!

  • Also I believe in canabis oil ,for cancer, and it can help many people with side effects from conventional treatments.Not for everybody ,but I personally know many that it helps..

  • Cancer free is not a term that I'd use.Dont want to ginks things Currently no visable signs.I think after 10 yrs no signs .I might use that term.I m 2yrs into the P. C. Train.So I'm just beginning what for me is projected death From P. C. Down the road..I'm doing everything that I can do to prolong that as long as possible.

  • So sorry for what you went through. I am very happy for how you are doing now. It gives hope to all us who have advanced cancer.

  • We are all in it together.1st diagnosed looked into a P. C. Web site but it wasn't this one.wish I had found this site then.Had lots of fear of firing and nobody to talk too.Dr who you are inspirational and I believe we all need that.Thanks again'

  • That is brilliant news

  • You might like to try Astragalon 8 (Thompsons in Australia make a combination batch in capsule and liquid form ... use the capsules - much more convenient.

    Astragalon has been used in China for centuries and a large reputable hopsital in Japan doid a double blind study (best type) where they put everyone in a very large hospital on Astragalon 8 ... the results were spectacular. All patients taking Astragalon 8, regardless of their reason for being in hospital, were out of hospital well before those taking the palacebo.

    Astragalon boosts your immune system so go for it and keep active, change to a Mediterranean type diet, maintain your social life, take up new interests and remain positive and happy in your outlook - being gloomy and negative depresses your immune system.

    You have one life so make sure that you do everything you can to make the most of it and live one day at a time in the best way possible and 'Live it up'!

    cheers, Aussiedad