NHS Choices have removed all comments

I had been a keen reader of user and patient comments on the NHS Choices Prostate Cancer Health Information Pages. I found them to be helpful and honest patient interpretations of what really happens in the NHS and how the Information pages are limited in how they present symtons and diagnosis and treatments. Individual hospital comments are still available although not widely used for specific illnesses and disease, and there is no ability to filter results.

Does anyone know of a good forum for experiences of Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment, and in particular the differences in NHS care compated to the latest care protocols available elsewhere is the country and the world?

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  • check out the patient.info site


    I've found it very helpful.

  • You might google, Loma Linda University Hospital, proton center. This hospital has been using Proton therapy for prostate cancer since 1990. The site states proton therapy does not have an exit dose from the targeted tumor.

    Or you can just google proton therapy for prostate cancer.

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