Ok, i have just got the MRI scan to go, then i will be served with my options, my only problem with this is it has taken almost three months to get to this point in time. My consultant gave me a book produced by The Macmillan Trust. For those of you who need to understand what is on offer as far as the NHS is concerned, should read this. They certainly do not mince words, and make it clear what alternatives one has.

Details: A practical guide to understanding cancer...


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  • Hi My husband has had the MRI scan,he also had 10 Biopsys taken,the very next day he came down with a blood infection,he's just spent nearly two weeks in hospital .

    The next step was to see his consultant for the results,he was told he had Prostate Cancer, using a scale of 1-10 10 being aggressive he was a 7.

    So now he's got opptions of radiotherapy,hormone treatment or Opperation .

    Now then looking on one or two of these forums it don't sound as bad as we thought.

    So just do your research and don't sit back dig your heels in and get the treatment you need and deserve.

    Take care

  • Hi Gemini, thanks for post and sorry to hear that hubby had an infection... i was very sore from biopsy for ages and have since had problem passes faeces, but probably just bruising. I have had a very slight infection with a lymph gland swelling in the upper groin. I have a fairly good alkaline diet (cancer cells don't like healthy Ph levels) along with a green diet. I am keeping faeces soft by making sure that i have plenty of fibre in my porridge.

    I am leaning towards radical prostatectomy (surgery) i am 66... as according to info, radiotherapy leaves scarring which means that removal of prostrate in the event of the cancer returning is almost impossible.

    I am learning to manage it, and i have chosen to be-friend this insidious illness. I too had a high PSA count. Good luck to you both.

    All the best

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