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What a difference the sun makes

Went out yesterday for the first time since early January to do S&F. It was so great to be doing it outside again and for just a few minutes the sun peeked out. I went to my usual place - a small park near me and it was only me, a mother and toddler in the the play area, and someone who looked as tho' they were doing week 1 of Couch to 5k. It brought back memories, this is where I started out doing Couch to 5k, of how hard that first week was. So it felt good that all around me were people exercising in some way.

I noticed the bench dips seemed a bit tougher due to lack of exercise I suppose. So thats made me more determined to keep at it. Also I cant do the advanced version yet so I've got that to aim for.

For those who are unsure about trying it outside, give it a go - it's good to move around in a way you cant at home and the pull-ups using railings are fun!

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Hi Jenniej,

Good going! Let's hope the sun stays out!

Are you doing level 5? If you are, have you downloaded the no intro version?



yes I'm doing level 5 with the no intro version.

I'm determined to keep going as I think the program helps my running as well as the fact I like being outside exercising. Tho' its a very different exercise to running, I get the same buzz an hour or so after doing. Guess I'm addicted to exercise now...


It's a healthy addiction!


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