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Raining :-(

So it's the day after a run day so it must be S&F. Ummmm that rain sounds a bit grim thought I as I opened the back door. Now if this was a run day I'd be out there in a flash, but S&F in the rain feels a lot less appealing. I crept back in the house. I know I thought I'll do an indoor one. Thankfully none of my family got out of bed when I started walking briskly around our very small house. I wasn't sure there would be room for the audience too.

Shoulder rolls and rowing moves not a problem. Chest presses ummmm, that required not going through any doors. I live in a very small house. I got a little dizzy going round and round the kitchen doing these. On to press ups. That was easy just used a wall. Pull ups now what to use for that? I ended up using one of the shelves in the tall cupboard. I may not have given my all to these today as I had a sudden flash of the cupboard giving way and being covered in flour, tea bags, cous cous, is that cornflour in back? I was looking for that ysterday....

The rest of the exercises went by without any problems and thankfully no kids. I wouldn't choose to do these exercisies indoors again but it's nice to know I can.

Now where is that cornflour I need to move it before I forget where it is again......

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Good improv AnnaDJ! Glad to know the condiments survived.

Have you seen the clip of Laura perfoming these pull-ups?


Ha ha, AnnaDJ, you and I both have the same problem: small houses! I have only done S&F indoors as I know I'd feel silly doing the exercises outside. But I have similar problems with the pull-ups. First time, I used a bookshelf which wobbled scarily, so now I use the mantlepiece, which is rather high but so far it's been OK. I always do the pull-ups with trepidation as I think one of these days the mantlepiece COULD come out of the wall. Now that would be interesting... Compared with that anxiety, doing the exercises is less of a worry. Sometimes I walk round, sometimes I jog, sometimes I march on the spot, as walking round and round the house gets a bit tedious (with you about the chest presses, have to be carefully timed in order not to bash the door frame). Finished W3 last night. The sit to stands are fun (!).


Sooz I'd recommend doing them outside. I thought I would hate it but I quite like it now I've got over my embrassment. Saying that I still go out at crack of dawn ;-)


Ok might try it! There's a little tiny park almost next door so as long as the kids weren't in the skate park area....