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Hi everyone, I am a graduate of Couch2 5k and usually run three times a week but feel the need to tone up my arms and core muscles, so I thought I would try this five week programme. I had a go at Week 1 today in the forest and it was quite funny stopping to do the exercises I was quite pleased that I didn't meet anyone else! My dog was rather confused and looked at me as if to say 'What are you doing!'. It was quite good for his training though because he had to keep an eye on me and came running back when I disappeared into the forest to find a tree! My only comment would be that I found it a bit easy and wondered whether to jump onto week 2, any thoughts? Best of luck everyone.....

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It takes some getting used to I think after doing the C25k because we are used to continuously moving while out. It does feel easier as you progress. I look at it like you often see runners stretching after a run so it's exactly the same, that helps me get my mind round it, I do a combination of out door and indoor now.

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