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Healthy BMI but high body fat %??

Hi--I'm a 61 year old female. I have brittle asthma which means aerobic exercise (even walking fast) can feel like the equivalent of someone running 5K. I am 4 ft 11inches and weigh 7st 8lbs. My BMI (according to Tesco scales) is 19 but my body fay percentage has gone up by 8 % in the last year. How on earth can I have lost half a stone, dropped my BMI, and yet put on more body fat?? (I suppose it's muscle?)

My waist still remains big although everywhere else has become smaller. Ideally I should be able to exercise the 3 inches off my waist that I need to and tone up all over but due to asthma can't exercise for long enough to make a difference! Aaaaagh! Anyone got any ideas please? :)

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Are you lifting weights? I'm 54, and have the same problem. I've started lifting weights; just small ones, and I'm slowly seeing some progress and losing fat and hopefully toning slowly.


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