Wants to lose a little weight

I will be 50 soon and often rely on a wheelchair,i'm not overweight but would like to lose a few pounds as i don't feel completely happy at this weight,i'm the heaviest iv ever been.I would love to be able to do weight reducing exercises that wouldn't exasserbate my chronic,often quite severe both back and joint pain.Please can someone help me?

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  • Activity is vital for maintaining/improving functional capacity. That said, it doesn't matter how active you are if you continue to take in too many insulin/IGF-1 stimulating foods, you will find it difficult to burn fat for fuel.

  • Thank you for reply but as i said I'm not overweight it's just i used to weigh less than 6stones so find my weight of just over 8stone uncomfortable for myself I also have the added problem of not being able to eat real food and rely on liquid substance drinks so it's a bit of a double whammy but thank you so much for trying to advise me on what's best I appreciate it greatly

  • Working with light weights and stretch bands will help you, but I think you should join a gym and be instructed by a professional, until you learn how to do it without injuring yourself. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much for replying and i wud love to join a gym, unfortunately I am housebound most of the time as I have no one to take me out as I use a wheelchair and my nearest gym is roughly 15miles from my small village I'm hoping something will turn up to get me out meeting pal but once again thank you so very much for takin the time to reply to me, have a good day

  • I'd recommend to find a good personal trainer who can go to your house and have a couple of sessions with them. If you can afford, commit for long term with them, if not, just take a couple of sessions and ask for a program to follow once they teach you the basics. Whichever you choose will be a good investment in your own health. If you tell me where you live, I'll be able to recommend someone for you.

  • Have you looked on YouTube for ideas? Also here: nhs.uk/Livewell/Disability/...

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