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Recommending these podcasts

I can't recommend these podcasts enough. After many years of doing nothing at all they've got me exercising regularly AND enjoying it. Sometimes I've been reluctant to get outside and "listen to Laura" because I've felt tired etc but I've forced myself and within minutes I've perked up and wanted to keep going.

I've also enjoyed NOT feeling pain after exercising, that rest day, or two, in between podcasts makes a big difference.

I'm tackling C25K now, there I've typed it out loud, got to do it now:-)

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Great KateK. I have also been doing these S&F podcasts since I graduated in May. I Think it's great to do them together with C25K. Just follow everything Laura tells you and you'll be running in no time. Keep up the S&F as they will really help you with your core. It is ok to do them on your rest days between running as well, because you use different muscle groups so your running muscles are still resting.

I love not feeling pain after doing exercise, it was a real eye opener, and I now love exercising.

Keep up the great work and enjoy C25K......keep posting so we now how you are doing :)

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