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Three new workouts to add to your exercise routine

These 10 minute workouts are easy to fit into your day and will add a bit of spice to your exercise routine:

10-minute firm butt workout

10-minute abs workout

10-minute bingo wings blaster

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Thanks so much! This is just what I need to get back into using S&F on my rest days. Is anyone else planning on doing these? I'll try to keep a log of how they are as I go along.


I'm looking forward to starting these, there are quite afew to mix about weekly.


We've got six ten minute workouts now. The other three are:


Bums, legs and tums

Full body toner

They are all linked to from the workouts mentioned above.


Thanks for these. I am in the last week of the podcasts. I am trying to fit at least the firm butt workout along with Podcast 5. It will be nice if we can have podcasts for these workouts also. Currently I have to integrate one or more of these strengthening exercises before the flex part of the podcast. Thanks.


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