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Hi im new here.. Was wondering if anyone can advice me on items etc that can help in keeping me warm.. but at a very low prise

as i a single mum of two teenagers and cant work due to having to many attacks a day.. and always fighting to be warm....One minute im sleeping all the time the next im awake for hours... the only time i feel my self and warm is in the bath .. which after 5 mins goes cold due to me taking the heat .. but after that i just top it up with hot water and stay in there for hours...would be great if i could have a single person hot tub in my front room and bedroom .. that would work a treat, lolol ...anyways i did as much info as poss please !!! xxx

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Lol i meant to say 'i need' sorry !!


I love the shower for keeping warm i can spend for ever in there, after i get dry in the cubicle because its all steamy and warm and i also wear loads and loads of layers - my 'onesie' and fluffy blankets are fab for keeping warm whilst watching tv - i struggle to keep still. i also have a bean bag thatyyou can put in the microwave and that stays warm for ages and ages.

also i try to keep active when at home ie run up and down the stairs or if you have a wi play on that for a while. also if you have a stress ball or something keeep you hands moving as it helps to keep the circulatin going.

for out and about i have those hand warmers that you often get from sports shops for mountain climbing they activate in air and stay warm for about 6 hours (around 99p a pack in sports direct). look out in march ish time because all the winter stuff goes in the sale which is good for us because we need it al year round :).

ski mittens are fab for wearing when out and about becuase you can move your hands around more in them to keep the blood flowing.

also socks called heat holders or something i got mine from matalan thy are fab for my feet!

the main one is dress in layers to keep the core warm.

hope that helps a little


thank you kaz for taking the time to reply.. i have also tried most of these things .. just gets a bit miserable at times... :( xxx


Think we all get miserable with it at times! Try a scarf even indoors - don't know why but it seems to help!


HI, if I stay still I freeze, move around I get too hot, weird stuff!.


I wear layers. I have silk long underwear that goes under a t-shirt (often long sleeved) then an overshirt, then a sweater. If I go out, I have gloves and a long cardigan or a short leather jacket. On really cold days, I don't go out!

On the bottom, the silk underwear under a pair of slacks or jeans works. If I'm still cold, I put on a pair of stretch yoga or gym pants under my jeans, and a camisole under my silk tee-shirt.

I also have the chemical handwarmers/footwarmers that I put in my gloves and shoes. I keep some in my closet and some in my car, just in case I'm caught out in a temperature change.

I also have a pair of boots with rechargeable battery heaters for desperately cold days.


Buy a heating blanket. I love mine so much. I am so sorry and understand how you feel it is such a stressful feeling I sometimes have to ask my husband for a massage sometimes from the stress that I feel being so uptight and tense from being so cold. Good luck.


thanks guys for your replies... i am going to save up and buy those silver gloves etc and also invest in some silk underwear ... xxx

as its been so cold i just stay in and do hobbies like wood work (burning pictures on to wood,) but i find i have to stop for breaks as my fingers rists and elbow start to hurt and and very stiff... anya ways peace out lovelys xx


HI I am sorry to hear you are struggling - I do think that a scarf is one of the best tips I have read on here that is what I do - always make sure your wrists are covered - really helps-

You say you don't work due to too many Raynauds attacks - is this somehting the Dr suggested - \I was curious as to how many attacks you are suffering per day & is this just in the winter time.Do you have an underlying condition or do you have primary Raynauds ?

Not sure if you are in Uk or Us BUT aSDA have some great items at good prices that could help - I recently bought their handwarmers x4 fpr £1

Take Care OK -


Being cold all the time is horrible, as is having so many Raynauds attacks - I feel for you!

Loads of good tips on here. We also have a brilliant electric blanket on the bed which has separate controls for each half so I can have mine on hot while my partner has a lower setting. If I'm really freezing I will read a book or work on the laptop in bed!

I buy really good handwarmers from Amazon. Little Hotties. They're about £18-20 for a box of 40 pairs and they last for seven or eight hours.

I have a fan heater for when I'm working at home during the day and the room is cold (too expensive to heat the whole house all the time). A 15-minute blast of this can really help, along with wearing several thin layers as others have said. Hope you find something that helps you feel better x


The docotors have signed me off sick.. but to be honest most days i have so many attacks its hard to keep track. plus it takes me 15mins to heat up some times hours... doesnt help that the place i live in has damp air up past your knees.. and damp most place....also all the rooms are different temps... so from sitting on my sofa with layers and a blanket and then getting up to the kitchen to make a warm drink sets me off again .. but thats ok im coming round to the fact that i am a 'being person' !! and that i will have good days and bad ones.. and thats ok... x


I have not been able to work since 2004 money is very tight. I can so relate. Some things are worth there weight in gold. I bought 2 pair of lined boots (UGG wannna bees ) for 25 American each. I wear one all the time in the house even to bed ! The other is for outside. I do not wear socks with them because I find socks restraining and make my feet sweat and if that cools off ..forget about it. I also wear a hat or keep one near me hats really help my nose from blanching. I wish you well


Hi fairygoddess the best thing to keep you warm is an hot water bottle right beside you in bed or when you are on the sofa with a blanket which I use all the time but I sometimes have to have the heating on but I put it on a low temperature because if I do not then my joints will become swollen and start to hurt. My other suggestion is to wear dressing gown pyjamas and thick socks and heat pad something which you can hot up in the microwave with herbal remedies like lavender in it. My daughter brought me one for Christmas and when I was really cold she warmed it up for me and I put it on to my body while I was wrapped in a thick warm blanket then before I went to bed my daughter warmed it up again and put it in the middle of the bed and it was nice when I got into the bed and I was not cold and believe me I had a good night sleep. :)


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