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I’m going to see Professor Denton! 😊

Hi there. I saw my Rheumatologist today for a medication review. I started taking nifedipine (for Raynauds) but had to stop because it made me feel very unwell. They then started me on 25mg losartan increasing to 50mg and then 75mg with no effect, so I have now been prescribed Sildenafil 25mg - 50mg. Can I ask how effective sildenafil is?

They are a little concerned about my increasing pins and needles I’m getting in hands and head 🙄 so referring me for nerve conduction tests? Very unsure how this works? Apparently professor Denton runs a clinic in Bristol (close to me) every quarter and my Rheumatologist is going to ask if he can see me, this I’m very excited about 😃

I did ask my Rheumatologist today about iloprost infusions, she was a little reluctant to offer it at the moment, but concerned I’m running out of options.

Thanks for reading x

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Professor Denton is one of the best in the world to see. He is researching Scleroderma and everything related. Make sure you have a list of all your symptoms when you go. He will give a thorough examination and answer anything you want to know. He is very kind and considerate. I went to see him once and had a list to refer to but when I got it out to check to see if I needed to ask him anything else I realised that he had covered everything already.

You will get the best advice from him and he asked me if I wanted to see him in London instead of my usual Rheumatologist but I had a very good one at the time and didn't want to travel from Ipswich every time.

Good luck with your appointment.


Thank you, I’m very excited to finally get some proper answers. X


How does someone in the US get to see this professor? Hear him mentioned a lot.

And I have not had much health care. Just so many DX and meds and nonstop symptoms? Its like the flare will not stop??

Thank you...


I don't think he will see patients in the US but you could write to the Royal Free Hospital and ask if they can recommend someone of the same level of qualification as Professor Denton. If you find a doctor to compare with him you will be very lucky. Anyone in the UK who sees him feels honoured and lucky to see him. I am sure there are good rheumatologists in the US and I hope you find one soon. It is very disheartening not to have a doctor who listens and understands your problems.

Take care.

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Good luck with Prof Denton,Dear Missymoo- he is a brilliant doctor and a very thorough professional. I’ve felt at ease in his office at the RFH. I am actually going there again for my annual visit in 3 days! Maybe I’ll run into you there:)

Hope all goes well and let us know if you have any questions we can help you with ahead of the visit...


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