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gastroscopy- I hope not!!!

Went to see my GP yesterday about my feeling of fullness when eating (early satiety) its linked to scleroderma. Anyway he suggested I stop taking the naproxen- good job I'm not in any pain, (will just need to monitor any swelling now) and increase my Omeprazole as he said my stomach may be irritated from the naproxen. I'm seeing the rheumy next week and the GP said to let him know, he also said if I've no improvement over the next 2 weeks I may need a gastroscopy- I really hope not!!! The thought of someone shoving a tube down my throat feels me with dread!!!! Today I feel like I have "man flu" so as well as feeling completely stuffed in my tummy I also feel "stuffed" in my head. I'm cold and I want some warm weather to cheer me up :)

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I hear ya Kerry ! Im on day 16 of being in hibernation (not been out) ....

I hope its the naprosyn which caused your stomach problems and so by not taking it, your stomach feels better ! I had the same problem with the NSAIDs ! unfortunately my stomach is currently objecting to the years of antibiotics - so thats one of my challenges at the moment !

Ive had a gastroscopy - its not that bad, although I am not offering to have one for you ;)

a few weeks ago, a lady asked about gastroscopy in the questions section on this site, and got quite a few responses - check it out !

as well as have a look at the raynauds and scleroderma association's website for some more info

I also pop omeprazole for the acid if I have to, but ultimately, I try to avoid provoking it by avoiding the triggers ! and have been on a raw juice diet for the last 4 months which has helped, as well as cut out the carbs and I do not feel as bloated, so happy days !

Keep warm and eat something nice for your stomach :) x


If you have to have a gastroscopy eventually and you are worried about it, ask to have sedation. It worked fine with me.


Kerry, you stated the issues I discussed just yesterday with the dr who will be doing a colonascopy/endoscopy for me next month !!

I explained to him that many times when I eat, the food doesn't want to go any further down than my throat, like it's stuck there. I feel full even before any food reaches my stomach. I also told him it seems that if I take about 1/2 teaspoon baking soda with a few sips of water BEFORE I begin eating, I don't have the problem. I also do the same (baking soda) right before I go to bed at night and I'm not bothered so much by acid reflux. The dr said the baking soda would not hurt me, but we need to find out why it's necessary - thus the endoscopy.

The dr also told me that I'd be sedated for the scope procedure so not to dread it.

I don't have Raynaud's, but I do have Sjogrens/Scleroderma. The associated issues just keep coming. Good luck Kerry, let us know if you try the baking soda trick before you begin eating.



Get put under .You will know nothing about it ..Wake up and you won,t rembember it .


thanks everyone, I'm sure if I do have to have one i'd have sedation, I just don't like the thought of it. never heard of the baking soda before meals before, ive not been having the problem anymore of the food feeling like its sticking on the way down, just the early satiety.

well my "man flu" seems to have gone but now having spells of lightheadedness and feeling like im going to pass out!!!


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