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Request for help

Would anyone be interested in helping me with some research? I was training as a Psychotherapist, but because it now turns out that I have Borderline Personality Disorder (mildly), I have been asked to stop training and concentrate on therapy for 2 years. I have Crest syndrome, Raynauds, Sjogrens and Hughes syndrome and am looking for people like myself who have both an autoimmune disease and a personality disorder. The reason is I would like to write something about this link to help others. I would keep all information confidential as I know that labeling someone is life changing and can bring unwanted and unnecessary shame upon an individual like myself, who was made to feel unbalanced and needing to justify myself and my actions all the time. As if having autoimmune isn't enough to cope with, I have this personality disorder, not through any fault of my own, I don't drink very much, smoke or take drugs, but was abused up until the age of 19. My vice is cake and chocolate but don't see that as a crime. If you call overeating self harming, then yes I self harm, but nothing else. I am not suicidal or wreckless and have 2 wonderful children and have been married for 21 years. So, if anyone would be interested to help me, please get in touch.

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You have sent us a very interesting message. All the best for your therapy; I hope you like your therapist otherwise it will be of no use. The subject for your research if most interesting but then you need a definition of Personality Disorder to begin with. But let us see what response you get to your message.

Best wishes.


Hi Zenabb, thanks for your reply. I guess I am interested in Borderline Personality Disorder,but also Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I think they are quite difficult to diagnose as many people are never actually diagnosed and can live normally, but have difficult relationships as emotional regulation is the crux of the illness. Again, diagnosing is quite difficult because of the continuum and how definite one can be as a lot of these disorders overlap. There is the question also of the abuse. Best wishes



there is a history of OCD in my family...and depression, and addictions. maybe we could talk further somehow...I do find the correlation interesting...good luck to you! if I could help, I most surely would...

oh, I'm the one with Raynauds,sjogrens, sicca,migraine syndrome, neuropathy all limbs, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia...and with 2 knee replacements (same knee)


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