Just had baby by chance in maternity unit a doc diagnosed me wit raynaulds

Just had baby by chance in maternity unit a doc diagnosed me wit raynaulds

My daughter just got diagnosed while in hospital havin a baby she went to her own GP last week showed him the pic of hands he said she has severe case of raynaulds they think she has rheumatoid arthritis having blood done all her joints get swore n swollen also he dun urgent referral to dietician as her bmi is 16 she weighs 42kg she is 20yrs she gets lot dry skin on scalp is that a sympton she also has a b12 definacey I've also noticed like the blood vessel broke out on her face if u no wot I mean suffers from constipation also suffers a lot of water infections I'm goin to c if I can post a pic of her hands let me no wot u all think

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  • She may also experience Raynauds in her nipples...just a little warning. Two of my young friends who have recently had babes have had this. Hope all goes well for her and she gets the right support....you must be worried...x

  • Yes I am very worried she also gets breathless she doesn't suffer asthma and has dizzy spells I just wondering if she has scleroderma as well

  • Bee346 wot do u think to the picture as I don't no any 1 with raynaulds I don't no if this pic is classed severe raynaulds doc seem to think so last week wen she showed him pic

  • The picture looks like Raynaud's to me but I am not a specialist, just a sufferer. Is your daughter anorexic? I wonder if that is the cause of her troubles. You must be very anxious. Does the doctor that is treating her answer your questions?

  • She not anexoic she does eat but doc said if she loses any more weight she could become very ill I'm goin doc wit her on Wednesday to see wot plan of action he has got for her I want to no if it just raynaulds or if she showing signs of scleroderma & what is he goin to do

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