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advice on prevention of pain?

Hi i was wondering if anybody could tell me if there was any advice on helping to prevent the pain flaring up? i hav a 7month old little boy, who the paediatricians think has Raynauds Disease. his hands and feet go varied colours and have recently started going white. he has had blood tests to rule out other conditions. thanks in advance

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You had best ask your rheumatologist and the Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association.


he hsnt actually been allocated a rheumatologist yet, will speak to the hosp tomorrow. thank you


Hi Krennie4, I don't think there is any advice on the prevention of pain flaring up. Well none that has worked for me :( I suppose the best thing is keeping your son warm, massages I find help. Hopefully others on here may be able to help you.


thank you CardiffLady, its taken so long to get even half a diagnosis :(


I agree that the best thing is keeping him warm. What you may consider warm may not be the same for him.

It is obviously made more difficult with him being so young.

I know that personally speaking I rarely show a temperature, even when ill, and I believe it maybe something to do with the raynauds.

With a young child, medical opinion seems to be to act if the child is hot, which is understandable. But warmth often assists with the aspects of raynauds.

I think we should all get a pass to somewhere warm, for the winter at least :-)

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