Raynauds in my thumb as well as all the fingers !

This evening I experienced a raynauds attack in my hands but for the first time my thumb went blanche / painful etc I have to say this isthe first time the thumb has been affected - usually the fingers only are affected ? Is this usual - for me this is the first time the thumb has joined in ! Took a photo foor rheumy to go with my gallery of digit snaps !

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  • Hi, I've had raynauds and sclerederma for 11 yrs now and I hv never experienced my thumbs changing I only seem to get attacks in my fingers. Everyone is different so what one as the other may not.. Hoping the attacks don't get any worse for you.

  • Hi, no it's not uncommon I get Raynauds in all my digits. At the moment I have a healing ulcer on the inside of my thumb, where the first bend is and on my index finger on the second bend from the nail area. Had these since December been in for ILOPROST .... So flipping painful and Sod's law I am always catching them ...... Wish the weather would warm up probably aid in the healing process .....

  • What...this is unusual? >.> I had this from virtually day one.

  • As I said Ravenshade - this was a first for me ....it seems sufferers have varying involvement of the Raynauds - thats what makes it a phenomenon !

  • It is indeed a "Phenomenon". No two days are the same for us sufferers. Just keep a little diary of events so you can discuss things with your doctor. This is a new event for you and naturally you're alarmed but what you experienced is not unusual. Raynaud's and Scleroderma can be very troublesome and uncomfortable, but try to keep warm during these very cold days and nights and have nice warming and nourishing food and drinks. Cheer yourself with some naughty treats as well. I recommend some chocs. I plan to do the same this weekend. May even have a sip of something stronger than tea and coffee

    Take good care of yourself. All the best.

  • Thank you kind person - wjat a lovely light & friendly response :))) thank you lifted my spirits ! I fear I am using the exvuse to warm thoguth & cheer myself up too much these days !!!! ;)) Bring on the Spring !! You takecare too xxxxx I wil raise a glass to you !

  • Raynaud's mostly occurs in the fingers but on some occasions it can affect the thumbs as you describe. It would be worth having an ANA (anti nuclear antibody) blood test to check that you don't have an underlying condition which has caused this change.

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