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Getting Anxious

I'm getting very anxious now as got the leaflet with my Gastroscopy appt and it says there is a 1 in a 1,000 chance of perforation of the gullet. I had a colonoscopy several years ago with the same odds for perforation of the bowel and ended up with faecal peritonitis and septicaemia and was fighting for my life. Not sure whether to go ahead with it or ask for an alternative procedure?

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I have a suggestion, can you tell the dr. who recommended it what happened when you had a colonoscopy? Is the precedure to check for something potentially a health risk?


The Dr knows I will never risk a colonoscopy again; but he seemed in a rush when he said he wants me to have the camera down my throat to check for motility problems. As I didnt know there was a risk from the Gastroscopy, until I got the leaflet, I never took the issue up with him. Think I am going to phone the hospital tomorrow and tell them my fears and see what other procedure I can have; I know there is a barium meal alternative, but obviously they cant take any biopsies that way, like they can with the camera. It's such a worry knowing what to do for the best.

Thanks for replying. I appreciate it.


I agree with you both.


I was suffering with motililty problems and the precedure I had was a tube inserted through the nose and down the osophagus to check muscle pressure. I had to swallow water at various intervals. Other than the slight discomfort of the tube being inserted it was all discomfort free. Took approx 2 hours. The results via a graph gave a good insight to how the muscles were working right the way down. Perhaps this might be better for you if they only want to check out the osophagus. I have had an endoscopy done twice, better with sedation. I would of thought less chance of perforation if you are more relaxed.


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