Working conditions - anxious about change !

There is a chance my work station may be moving to another office ( office reshuffle) but the problem I have is that office is very hot & the one I am in is perfect for me & does not affect my raynauds . If I am in a hot room my fingers swell & itch & chilblains form due to increase in change of temperature .... any advice of how to explain this to my boss >? I need to stay in the room I am !

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  • I can't go to a hot country either. It took me a long time to find the reason for this. Until a specialist in Boston told me that in heat I have to diminish the dose of my nifedipine! Too much dilatation of the blood vessels. I don't know if it applies to you or not.

  • Thanks for reply - I just need a constant moderate temperature - I cannot take nifed. it makes me feel ill & I can't work with a bad head :(( I manage best I can but I wondered if there was any legislation re working conditions & making people work in an environment that has adverse reactions to their

  • You must say something as your employer has a Duty of Care to their employees. I also had this in the workplace before I was retired on Ill Health Grounds (I was off sick more than I was at work). Do you have Occupational Health within your company as these are the ones you need to speak to. Good luck

  • Thank you Anteater I will definitely raise the Duty of care now if the situation of office move arises as it will impact on my health ... thank you for pointing this out to me I had no idea this existed ! I do work part time & so far they have been sensitive to my condition but the temperature thing is something stressing me out at the moment :((( thanks for taking the time to reply :) xx

  • I have recently been in exactly the same situation as you only mine was being moved to a cold office with air conditioning. I spoke with my line manager before the move and explained the difficulties that would arise if I was moved and referred her to the report from occupational health that states I should be kept in a constant even temperature., but she still moved me. I stuck with it for a month but worked all day with scarf gloves and hot water bottle experiencing a lot of pain and having to explain to so many people why I was cuddling a hot water bottle all day! It eventually got so bad that I spoke with my line manager on Friday and told her that I was finding it intolerable to work in those conditions and unless something was done I would have no option but to go back to occupational health for further advice or go sick. With that she has now aagreed to move me back to where I was and had been working quite comfortably. If you have occupational health go to them, if not go to your GP or Rheumy and ask them to write a letter for your employers. Your employers have a duty of care to ensure that you have the right working conditions for your disability. Good luck.

  • THis is really helpful thank you but are you in the UK .....I am guessing yes but want to be sure .... I don't want to cause a fuss but even when I go into theior room at 25 dgrees my fingers swell go stiff & itch like crazy ! :(( xxx

  • Yes, I am in the uk don't be afraid to approach your line manager - let us know how it goes x

  • thank you I will let you know ...maybe I am worrying about nothing it may not come to anything if the boss does nt change anything ! we'll see xxx

  • Yes, I am in the UK and agree with Anteater, speak to your Line Manager, but if you haven't already, I would strongly suggest that you either see your Occupational Health Unit or GP/Rheumatologist and get something in writing relating to your condition for future reference. Take care x

  • THank you that's great advice I feel better knowing there will be some support if mnecssary ! xxx

  • I had a similar problem with my Line Manager wanting to move me. Having been off sick a great deal I requested a referral to Occupational Health, who can then arrange an Access to Work assessment of your situation and work station arrangements. As it turned oiut I had to be Ill Health Retired as the fatigue and other symptoms did not allow me to continue to work on a consistent basis, even on part time hours. Good luck and stand your ground if necessary, Duty of Care is very important and A to W may even come up with some good ergonomic ideas for you, such as an Air02bic Mouse, which is great for Raynauds sufferers as you do not need to have your hand in the clawed position to use it. Just a thought!

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