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Raynauds getting worse


Hi I’ve had Raynauds for a while now but it seems to be getting worse each year. Obviously this year has been colder than most but I’ve found myself struggling a lot. I wear gloves etc but these don’t always work and I find myself crying in pain or my fingers going (as I call it) just before the change from the normal colour to white a lot more. My doctor had started me on some low dose medicine the other year but didn’t help at all. So I never went back and thought I’d rather cope than take medicine anyway. But I’m not coping so have booked an appointment with my doctor in a few weeks. Looking on here most people are under a rheumatologist. Do you think I should ask to be referred for help? I’m also worried there’s something underlying. Cheers Julie

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You are quite right. You should b referred to a rheumatologist as soon as possible. Good luck.

Hi, I agree with zenabb, the sooner you are referred to a rheumatologist the better, good luck and let us know how you get on, x

You should definitely be seeing a rheumatologist. Best of luck to you. Hand warmers help a lot.

Winfield1 in reply to treesie

Do compression socks and gloves help Raynauds? I thought they would restrict blood flow

Yes a rheumatologist is what you need I also use compression socks and gloves and also thermal socks and gloves that help me with reynauds

Hi thank you I have an appt with doctors on the 4th April. So a little while to wait yet.

Hi, all. Tell me what you think or check with your doctor to see what they advise. This winter and even going into the kitchen/refrigerator has kept me in tears. I started massaging my hands by stroking upward from my knuckles to past my wrists into my forearms, repeatedly throughout the day, never rubbing downward to continue the massage but lifting my stroking hand to repeat and begin the next upward only massaging stroke. For the first massage of the day, I use a few drops of frankincense essential oil with moringa silk hand creme. Along with my meds, since doing this, I've had considerably less Raynauds effects, almost next to none. Have not needed my gloves and even see the blood vessels on the back of my hands trying to appear full and functional.

I went to the doctors on weds and they have started me on Nifedipine. She said to try for 1 month but if that makes no difference I will be referred. So hope it helps me. My bloods I had done months ago show off the chart low ESP, so she said that good as it shows no inflammation. Didn’t say why it’s showing as abnormal though as it’s so low! But off to Scotland on holiday Tom, so let’s see if these meds kick in fast! So tired and achy though all the time and just hope if I get my circulation right, it might help that.

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