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Started getting Raynauds I think - Help!


I was diagnosed hypothyroid a year and a half a go and about 6months ago I started getting what i think is raynauds, but just in one finger! my index. Goes pure white, numb, sore and passes after 15 mins. Now my hands are starting to really feel the cold alot and my feet are like blocks of ice most of the time!

i have started to take a photo everytime it happens - only about 1 or 2 times a month and i initially put it down to hypo and taking the occassional beta blocker for levthyroxine side effects (only 1 or 2 a month tho) but i stopped taking them 2 months ago and still getting attacks and hands seem to be getting sorer. sometimes the skin peels off the tips, like hardskin?

Really not sure what it is and wondered if anyone had any advice. I have lowish blood pressure and hashimotos. Could they be linked?

Seems to be pogressing as time goes on and I am not sure where to turn!

Thanks in advance for any advice :)

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Go and see your GP and make sure.


I spoke to the nurse and showed her pics, she agreed she thought it was likely to be raynauds but how can they tell? Is there a test? I had an ANA test that was negative.


your GP will be able to tell you straight away if it is raynaud's or not just by you describing what is happening. That is how I was diagnosed.

my GP's advice to was double layer on the gloves slowly warm the hands quit smoking drinking etc etc the usual stuff that they tell you to stop doing. If the symptoms get worse then go back.. you might have to be put on some form of medication to help control it and keep the circulation flowing in your hands and feet


Scleroderma is the Latin for "Hard Skin" Sclero (Skin) Derma (Hard) get this issue diagnosed soon, my Brother had this as well as Raynauds Syndrome. It can be treated, best of luck.


That's interesting as I have lots of hard patches of skin on my feet which I put down to just my dancing but I also sometimes get hard skin on the tips of my fingers and they peel off in pieces. I looked up a picture of raynauds and compared it to the picturs I have taken of my finger when it happens and they are identical! Will make an appointment to see the docs this week! Thanks for your advice :) one thing - does anyone know if taking the odd beta blocker would cause this? When I say the odd one, I mean 1 or 2 a month, max. I have a feeling that its linked to my autoimmune disorder hashimotos but wondered if it just made the under lying condition worse rather than causing it?


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