good day today

well really happy today as my hands are not as swollen so i was able to get me nans wedding ring off my finger..(she past away in 2005 age 103 and i have worn her ring ever since an did'nt want to get it cut of) nan was married in 1922 so i really am pleased as i can now get the ring re sized by having it heated up....mind you took loads of washing up liquid and half an hour of twisting an pulling haha got sore finger now but to me it was worth it...keep warm everyone xx

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  • Hi Sandycharlie, I am really pleased for you ! These things that we persist with are really important and it must have meant a lot to you. Sunday morning and I am greeted with my first bit of positivity.

    Myself I am popping out at 8am, in 1 hour 20 minutes, I live in England. I will go for a brisk walk till 9.30am and go and see my Gran who is in a nursing home, then at 11.35am I will leave and go to my mothers for 12pm and help her there till 2.30pm with a few things.

    Like you, my hands have been sore for months, my ulcers are nearly gone and its the first time I haven't felt swollen in my hands for a year. So will make the most of it and do some jobs for her. So I am too happy today. Spread the happinessxxx

  • thanks for your reply...i to like you enjoy walking...i walk my dog 2 or 3 times a day and now the weathers picking up i tend to forget the time while i am walking her hands are swollen again today but i am thinking positive and they will go care..x

  • I must add my greeting to yours jamescoker and say, Happy Sunday to Everyone. Make the most of the day if possible. London's weather looks fine so far but even if that changes my good feeling will not. I am so happy to read jamescoker's feeling upbeat and plan to see Mum and Gran. I was raised by my granparents. Aren't nan's great? Enjoy!

  • Bless you - happy for you - made me smile :)) great to encourage one another ! :))

  • Lovely to read these good messages, and warming to me a gran myself. Sometimes I wonder if I am a good one. I also worried as a mother and still do.

  • hi all...glad all feeling good today...i agree the good things we have weather small or large make such a big difference in our lives.....stay happy an warm

  • Hi guys, thanks for all your messages!! Graygirl, grandparents are cool, my Nan isnt quite the same since she had the stroke but some things she comes out with are priceless!!!! Sorry sandycharlie to hear your hands are swolloen. i can really relate to you on that one, that is so sore for you , poor thing. I take hypertension drugs and finally after ages my swelling well done. I have Ibriprost in a month so lets hope that does good things:))

    I am expereincing for the first time in my life, a few little natural highs. I wake up some moneys excited about the day. I think today i will try and do some good things to change someones life that day, do things for myself and naturally then to others. Some days I do none of these things but then we all get these bad days. Luckily they are bad days now and not weeks or months!!!

    I am watching The vanishing Lady BBC 1 and I am so tired I keep drifting off so thought I would come on here. Red Bull time now, anyone wish to join me?:))x

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