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have just been diagnoised,i work outsidetoo.And the recent cold spell made it impossible to work.By the time i had driven there,my toes were allready numb & white,& within minuites of getting out of my car my hand's would start.Am a refuse collector,so walking 8- 10 miles a daywith numb toes,then the actual job with white numb,fingers.It's me own fault,some clues been ther a couple of years,also got high blood pressure(been putting that off too).Am in the process of stopping smoking,Thank you my beloved NHS.But i had trouble in summer with my hand's.I could be sweating,took my gloves off,3 fingers both hand's, to be frank,looked the fingers off a corpse.this usually happened within 30mins of end of my mornin break.9-30am.Also with my job,it isn't feasable for layers of clothing,have got very good socks & i buy my own boots(works are proper crap)Have been wearing 2 pairs of gloves,made no odds when frosty morninings came.Am now sat in front opc with my feet in 4 season sleeping bag.

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  • Hi Montiedon, there are electric gloves and going by what some people on this site have said, some get the heated electric gloves on the NHS. Are you a member of the RSA? If so you would have received the latest newsletter??? This newsletter featured the article looking for volunteers for a new heated glove. I was sat behind the group at a recent RSA seminar and therefore met Danny the coordinator for this research. So this is a good chance to try a new product, free too....

    With regards to feet, there are heated socks that last from a charge up to 8 hours. So another useful piece of equipment when working outdoors. Good luck.

  • Thank's,but the job i do means certain health & safety conditions apply,have been wearing thermal gloves under a pair of waterproof fleece lined safety gloves,but when you are in contact with 1400 bin handles that are,as cold as anything else,after 2 or 3 hours,the cold wins,too many layers would make me sweat,also have to operate buttons,not easy with 1 pair of gloves on.Am just seeing me Dr now,blood test next wk,stopped smokig this week.To be honest,should of gone Drs 18 months or so ago,but having trained as an SRN & studied human biology at A-level,knew what was coming.Not to bothered about work,Living is more impotant,& quality of life.My other lines for employment elsewhere are non to good as my thing is computers & code cracking.Many thanks for your reply.Have a merry xmas.

  • Montiedon - I was a Health and Safety Manager for a large corporation (7000 staff) for 20 years. Your employer has a duty of care to provide PPE in line with your specific needs. So they are duty bound to provide you with the correct equipment.

    Another scenario, DSE (Display Screen Equipment) if a person has RSI and a risk assessment shows a microphone with voice capability is safer than putting the individual at risk the employer from that Risk Assessment is legally obliged to do something, out of 1200 staff in just one building only one individual needed a microphone to type and activate and use their computer so voice recognition! Every individual is different.

    So ask to see your Health and Safety Officer, Manager ask for the Risk Assessment to based on YOUR needs.

    Basically your employer is putting you in harms way, so legally they are obliged to provide "adaptive" PPE equipment to your needs, they are also obliged to amend the risk assessment purely for your needs!. So saying you are wearing thermal gloves, and certain health and safety conditions - absolute rubbish - they MUST adapt and buy you equipment in order for you to do your job.

    If a deaf person was in an isolated office, health and safety have a duty of care to provide facilities specific to "one person's" needs. So they adapt the office to have lights flashing for a fire alarm etc... regardless the company has a duty of care!

  • Hi there, I would say go & see your doc, there is medication you can take to help open your blood vessels, personally they didn't work for me, but everyone has different results. I have just finished my 1st course of illoprost, & it is helping, I'm not 100% without attacks, but they don't last as long now. Don't suffer through it get help.

  • Thanks for reply, am in first 3 wks of treatment,just had to stop blood preasure tabs(cos my body does not like them) & wait 2 wks for my system to clear,then another 7:50 for more tabs that probably won't agree with me.Don't worry now i have confronted the issue,,the last thing i am going to do is suuffer,or get stressed about work,.Nice 1 for taking the time to reply,have a nice christmas & stay warm.

  • I take 10mg of Felodipine at bedtime as it dose lower my blood pressure but it certainly helps my circulation in my feet the most but my fingers are a lot better as well.. It will last in your system over a 24 hour period so it should be helpful for your work outdoors. I also wear thermal gloves plus possum fur-skin mitts over them, then Merino woolly socks and possum fur-skin booties over them. as the possum fur hold the warm air and keeps warmer longer...

    Have you talked to your Dr as I swear the Felodipine medication works the best..?

  • Thanks for the advice,will ask doctor about medication(i don't react well to any blood pressure tabs)as for the footwear,we have to wear safety boots,which i can just get on with my hiking socks& ifit rains for long enough even the best work wear is broke,Bought a Bergause 4 season coat,3 hours of thunder storm,was soakced to underwear,but have got to work like that till end of shift.No good for man nor beast.Many thanks for your reply.Merry xmas..

  • I am glad you are facing it now and will at least stop smoking. I hope that you get help for that. You are it seems in difficulty about finding work but refuse collection is not for you in any way. Raynaud's disease is a registrable disability, for example you can get shoes from Cosyfeet without paying VAT.

    I hope you get another job in 2013 and have a better year. Good luck.

  • Hi monitedon

    I too am like you or was. I was a postie for 30 years and then got shown the door because of Raynauds. I have been looking for work for 4 months and its HELL. At 52 there is little chance of me getting anything suitable. My hubby had some sealskinz gloves for chrimpo and although expensive, wondered if they would be suitable. They go up to a category 5 which is extreme cold. They also do socks and beanie hats.

  • Suggestion - silver gloves as liners for your working gloves? - see - online shop

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