Bit of a strange one - let's talk sweating!

I have mentioned in some previous comments that I am an exercise junkie - I spend nearly all my free time training in the gym and doing martial arts.

I have noticed over the years and I suspect with the onset of my condition that I sweat for about 10 people when I train in the gym. I am always soaking wet at the gym and in order to combat the cold I change my top after my CV workout and put a dry one on with a fleece when I do my weights. My understanding is that in the same way our hands and feet act to the extreme when we are subjected to temperature change (i.e everything shuts down) the sweat glands also do the same (i.e go into overdrive and make you sweat more). Does anyone else find this or I am just one of those people who looks like someone has thrown a bucket of water on them?!?!

I also find that in the same way that I am always colder than everyone else I also seem to get much hotter too when it is warm. I often feel really clammy and uncomfortable in the office when it gets hot.

I do think the two are linked - my body acts to the extreme in the hot and cold. At least I am keeping deodorant and perfume companies in business!! Any thoughts!!

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  • yes i feel the same but when im in bed not all the time but sometimes i wake up an it is like someone has chucked a bucket of water over me then i feel realy cold and it takes ages for me to warm up

  • Yes, in bed my hubby says I am like a hot bit of coal and sometimes (not all the time) I wake up to find myself soaking, but it comes out of my legs and when I touch them its like Ive just showered my legs down but they are very clammy. Many times I have had to get up (and wake hubby up) to change the sheet. Yuk its bad ..

  • You are not alone. I can break into a sweat very easily, it doesn't take much and leaves unsightly patches under the arms which is very embarassing. I have tried some of those strong anti-sweat products on the market for the underarms which you apply at night, but they can cause bad burns so I no longer use them and so stick to either white or black tops which don't show the sweat so much.

    When i've been cold all day I look forward to getting into bed at night so that I can snuggle and get warm, but after 5 or 10 minutes start to overheat. There's just no winning! However I have found that now I take pregabalin which is prescribed for the Peripheral Neuropathy I no longer actually have night sweats, which makes for an uninterrupted sleep when I do finally get off.

  • Hello Chilly Milly are you still taking pregabilin. I gave Raynauds and Periperal Nueropthy also Back and neck pain, Dry Eyes and dry mouth. My pain management special prescribed pregabalin for me today.

    I have not started taking it yet as I am worried about Weight Gain and other side effects. I have just lost a stone as I have Arthritis and I was told loosing some weight would be good for my Arthritic knee and hip and also my spine. The last thing I want to do is put it back on again.

    Does anyone have ant experience of the side effects of this drug? If so please get in touch.

    Best Wishes Jessie122

  • These comments are really useful, thanks. I don't mind sweating a bucketful when I train but I hate it when I am at work in my smart clothes! It just feels a bit uncomfortable.

  • I have this as well Emma, and it happens when I am out and about mostly, although I do get very hot in the night, but I have done that since I was a baby, so not sure if it is caused by my condition or not 8) . I start sweating so bad and my hair gets soaked, I am positive everyone is staring at me because of it and then I start getting an anxiety attack. lol It makes going out a chore, especially when it is already warm as I know I am going to start sweating! I try to wear shirts that wont show the sweat stains so bad and I have scarfs to put on my hair, which helps me with the embarrasment and anxieity.

    Well done you for the excersise! I wish I could get as dedicated!

  • My friend who has the same condition as us also suffers as you do she sweats so bad that her hair is always soaked. Its quite funny really when we are in hospital having Iloprost, I am always cold and she is always hot and sweating and always has wet hair .. We do have a laugh about it but thats the way we cope ..

  • You poor thing, that must be awful. I was rushing from work to get the train last week and when I got on i had sweat trickling down my face. I did eventually cool off though!! Isn't it weird how the body goes from one extreme to the other - we all need our thermostats re-set!!

  • Hi

    I used to do a lot of running and still cycle, but I don't believe I sweat anymore than i used to. My major problem when exercising is that when running i had numb feet and my hands become increasingly cold, which then spreads to my body. I ran a marathon in 2003 with Raynaud's and after my long 2hr training runs if i had a shower straightaway my hands went deathly white under the warm water. If I ever used a rowing machine my hands couldn't hold the handles without the blood deserting my fingers. I'm impressed that you can do weights using your hands. keep up the exercise.

  • Hi I am a very keen cyclist and runner too.. you mention your feet being numb. Is this nerve related numbness or Raynauds numbness? I was diagnosed with Scleroderma this year. I've had bad Raynauds for years, but as other symptoms have deteriorated over the past 2-3 years I've got more and more nerve related numbness in my hands and feet. I used to think it was due to injury/tightness problems, but apparently Scleroderma can cause these nerve entrapments too. It's really bad in all limbs whenever I run and ride! Amanda

  • Hi Nigel - I make sure that I do all my exercising inside and when I do spinning I have to ask them to make sure the fan is not directly on me as that sets my hands and feet off. I find changing my clothes mid-session really helps me too - I get all my heavy sweating out the way at the start when I do my CV and then get a dry t-shirt and fleece on when I do my weights. I do my weights wearing my silver gloves with gym training gloves over the top. When it was really cold in winter I wore a third set of gloves as my hands were really bad. I did struggle with my grip and the pain but I am a stubborn little devil and refuse to let anything interfere with my training!! They have a very good infra-red heater at my gym during winter so I kept warming my hands near it when I was inbetween sets!! My consultant says my exercise is a good thing so I will carry on training hard and doing what I love. Do you cycle inside or out? Have you found a substitute for running?

  • Hi Emma

    I use my bike to cycle to work, I managed to cycle all through the winter, two gloves inside a mitten and two pairs of overshoes just about keep my hands and feet warm. with the warmer weather and lighter nights i am now cycling a bit more. I don't run at all anymore, I was able to plod along but found i could no longer run quickly, getting out of breath if I attempted to exert myself for over 40 seconds or so. I have regular CT Scans, Lung function tests and Heart ECGs but they can't see anything. I think they need to test me while i am excercising. Now with RA my feet have some discomfort and I think i should avoid impact sports, so i stick to cycling.

  • That's really good that you managed to cycle through winter. I remember going to work in my car on the days when it was -14 and -15 and I was just crying because I was in agony - I've never known anything quite like it really. I have a yearly heart scan and lung function tests too but I think I would know really quickly if I had a problem because of my training - everything is perfectly normal so far. It's good that your condition hasn't stopped you from exercising totally - you might like spinning if you haven't tried it!!

  • Yep, I suffer from this too, not necessarily when I'm exercising but sometimes in the office or at night in bed I break into a hot sweat for no apparent reason. To be honest I'd put it down to something hormonal but judging by the response perhaps there's another explanation and it's somehow connected to my condition. I've definitely got a faulty body thermostat though, most of the time I'm freezing cold but then on the hottest of days I sometimes can't seem to cool down. Wish there was a way that I could have an annual service to put it I do with the thermostat on the central heating boiler!

  • I think there must be a link between the two - I think the body just goes a bit mental. If it's cold it doesn't like it and shuts down your circulation and when it's hot it makes you sweat a lot to cool you down. It would be great if we did have a thermostat which could be adjusted to "fix" us all!!

  • Yes I also have a very narrow threshold of temperature ranges that I can cope with - if its too hot I struggle with sweating and feeling ill- if its too cold my body shuts down. Also a sudden drop in temperature eg getting out of a lovely warm jaccuzi and into what feels like a cold changing room (but it wasnt that cold when I got changed beforehand!) will also trigger a raynauds shut down. Im also at that stage when I am getting hot flushes because I am menopausal and this is another temperature balancing act. I thought I would welcome this stage but actually it is quite bizarre, I end up with my body sweating but my feet still cold.

    I benefit from exercise and include some walking or swimming (warm pool) most days. I struggle with anything where I would need to grip onto things, congratulations to the cyclists amongst us!

  • It's something I find really annoying - I'm either cold and can't get warm or start sweating a lot (usually whilst everyone else is fine). Yesterday the sun was shining through into the kitchen at home but the living room at the front of the house was quite cold. I was literally taking a layer off as I went from one room to the other - madness!!

  • I've recently become all too familiar with night sweats, too. It's horrible! When I sweat when I'm awake it makes my affected areas swell up because the wet cold sweat causes my raynauds to flare up. Nice.

    But this whole night sweat thing has gotten out of hand. It's so uncomfortable. Anyone have any idea if it's linked with Raynauds? or are we all just too unlucky?

  • I think the two must be connected Lisa - I think our bodies just do things to the extreme. In the cold the blood vessels don't want to work and we have an attack and in the warm we produce more sweat than normal people. I often get really clammy in bed - usually my lower back. I get too cold if I take the covers off so it's impossible to find a happy medium!! It's really annoying!!

  • Hello again Emma, Very interesting, when I was doing judo a couple of years ago my judo suit was always completely soaked after fights. I thought that I was sweating a lot more than the others but I never associated it with my Reynaud. Thank you for pointing it out. I also walk to work every day as I'm a non driver, it takes me about 45 minutes and by the time I'm at work I have to go to the ladies to have a wash, put deodorant and new tops every day. I always thought that I sweated a lot for no reasons but now it makes sense ! Thank you Emma.

  • Hi. I am both a gym bunny and a martial artist and I do sweat a lot - especially at the gym. I am wet through after my CV and you could actually wring my t-shirt out (I know, attractive!!). I put a clean t-shirt on mid-workout now before I do my weights and a fleece if I need to. I found that the wet t-shirt was causing really bad attacks when I finished my CV because it was making me cold so I had to find a solution.

  • This is very interesting - I am just the thermostat at all. Thought I was just an oddity but everything you say is very famiiliar

  • I am exactly the same! I'm 35 and been a keen cyclist/fell runner/climber most of my life, but this last 2 years my temperature regulation has gone out the window! I was diagnosed with Scleroderma after 3 years of investigations for various issues (mainly bad and worsening Raynauds and tummy issues) I switch between painfully cold, like my skin stings to sweating in a flash! I find dampness and humidity is the worst context to deal with. At nighttime I frequentky wake up wet through... always very specific areas of my body, usually groin, abdomen, knees and the back of my neck. I strangely hanging one knee/leg out the covers seems to help with nighttime temperature regulation. Amanda

  • So glad it's not just me! Every morning sheets are so wet I have to change the bed yet my wife says I'm like a block of ice overnight. I cycle & run and haven't noticed any extra sweating since this started but I'll keep my eyes open

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