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Horrible ordeal - update

This is the second reply i have had - i dont have the energy to pursue it further

The pharmacist must always put the interest of the patient first when dispensing medication, hence they should always question any medicine prescribed that they believe not to be appropriate.

They can only do this by asking the patient for details and this should be done in a professional manner preferably in a private area away from other people.

The issues you have raised do not lead me to conclude that the pharmacist’s fitness to practise is impaired. For this reason the General Pharmaceutical Council will not be taking any further action with regards to your complaint.

You may wish to pursue your complaint to the superintendent pharmacist for Boots who is responsible for the professional standards within all Boots’ pharmacies, their details are below:

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O.o you went for the top brass immediately huh!

Just chalk it up to experience on the occasion, though do put in a complaint to Boots if you were unhappy. They find out about it quickly.

The Pharmacist is still only the pharmacist, just bear that in mind. They have a duty of care to the customer, but they also have a job to do. Dispense drugs. Next time they start asking questions, just ask them if they'd prefer you to take the prescription elsewhere. Better yet tell your doctor about your experience and to attach a note of some kind.


i agree with Ravenshade. If understandably you don't have the energy to take this any it to your GP and if possible vote with your feet and take the prescription somewhere else...Bee


Pharmacists do have to undergo medical training and spend time in hospitals along with trainee doctors in order to gain the necessary qualifications. They do have a duty of care to ensure that no conflicting medicines are taken. They also however have responsibility to ensure that any prescribing notes are included with medicines. In my case that hasnt always been the case, for instance if they split a pack to make up the necessary drug amount.

I think all the questioning has been prompted by a new government directive. But that aside, there is another issue at stake here relating to interpersonal skills and privacy.

For whatever reason, it seems to have been handled badly in your case. If Boots management are not prepared to take note of your concerns you can only really decide to deal with a different pharmacy in future.


Hello Inkidup. I can see you are still upset about the way your pharmacist behaved. I wouldn't say she was wrong in what she did but the way she went about it. It was upsetting for you. Unfortunately, some folks communicate differently from ourselves and do not realise the negative effect this can cause. Try not to worry anymore about it, put it down to experience or go elsewhere. I am sure that whilst the Pharmacutical Organisation found nothing went wrong I am sure that during the investigation the pharmacist would have been informed that you've put in a complaint. This may cause a change in the attitude and practice of this pharmacist.

Just be good to yourself. I wish you happier times ahead.


Thank you all. I have let it go, other things take priority (like my new kitchen being sorted, we finally have an oven to use hurray!)


boots do these check up's with people, (prob other chemists as well ), i've had an interview , in a private cubicle,did feel a little odd about it at the time but have seen others have same questions etc etc.. so thought it was just my turn..dont worry and enjoy your kitchen........and think i'd rather see a pharmacist than some of the doctors now,you can ask any amount of questions about meds or just how u feel at any time, they really understand how the meds work , unlike at the docs,lucky if u get an app' and 10 mins once ur if anyone feeling low etc pop in and ask to speak privatet about how u feel.........going on a bit here... maybe in my town the pharmacists have more time.


As people have said there is an initiative to ask people about their medications that is supposed to check GP's aren't oversubscribing and people understand what they are taking and why. I don't think your pharmacist was doing anything wrong just did it the wrong way! Sounds like her people skills need brushing up on.

My pharmacist did this with me but in such a way that it was private and informative. It was more like an informal chat


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