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Top tips

Top tips

Here are some things I've found useful (male with primary raynauds)

Offer to wash up -great way to warm hands

In the car, block up the rear warm air vents so all the warm air is directed to feet / hands

Buy a plug in demister for the car -saves the warm air for you and not the windows

Get used to doing ALL outdoor jobs in fingerless gloves or full gloves

Red alcohol (wine, port) really does give the boost you may need before going into cold bedroom (obviously adhere any individual health warnings!)

Avoid coffee like the plague - go for de-caf

Thin fingerless gloves inside other gloves ensure less heat lost

Vests 1 size too big cover the lower back and are less obvious with open neck shirts

If cold 1st thing in morning, go up / down stirs 5 times - good for the heart also

Dog walking-don't feel so daft all togged up in hats and wellies if dog at your side

Work out which meds work for you and see how quick / slow they kick in i.e. better before or after food(though follow any guidance from GP / Pharmacist) Discuss with GP re alternatives

As winter progresses if I think of any more I'll add.

Good Luck

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Thank you. Great. I would add decaf coffee with a little Tia Maria or Irish whiskie in case of emergencies only to heat up quickly. I would also add Mycoal bags from the RSA. In contact with the air they last 8 hours and can be slipped into gloves.


thank you for all of your good advice, I have scleroderma with raynauds also pah, which is a lung disease. I am on oxygen so I cant go up and down the stairs a lot. But I am going in to see the dr next week and i will ask about the wine. With some medication sometimes the dr doesnt want you to drink alcohol because the medication may not work as well.



1.Drinking wine (not cold of course) it really works.

Try 'sangria' its light and very taste when heated. (Sanfgria:a wine punch typical of Spain and Portugal. It normally consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy.

2.Even not drinking it whenever you are about to get the attack and you are away from home order (if you outside from a take away coofee shop) or make a hot coffee/chocolate,anything that will warm your hands up whet you put your hands on.

3.Excercise a lot.I prefer runner at my home where is warm and cozy 40 minutes EVERY day.It really helps your circulation all day long.

4.Buy this..You will really thank me.

Zippo handwarmer didnt work for me..

These onestarts with the help of batteries and then warm up with lighter fluid(very cheap solution).

With love from Greece.


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