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Warming cream?

Not officially diagnosed (although I do have lyme disease). My hands are always cold, and they are almost always a purple/pink colour. I don't get attacks per se but my hands and feet change colour and feel like I am a corpse to be honest! I've just bought a Zippo Handwarmer but even with that I find it hard to warm my hands and I am doing a massage course so I need something to warm my cold hands before treatments! Is there any hand warming creams available in the UK? I would like to buy Proneema but it isn't available even to ship over

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Hand warming creams huh. There's 'Deep Heat' which is...interesting, you'll need gloves for that though as it doesn't taste very nice >.<

There are items called "Little Hotties" and the RSA charity sell silver gloves (which are usually effective but not always in maintaining a constant temperature)


Thanks I may try the little hotties. I find the Zippo hand warmers are good at maintaining warm hands, but when my hands are like ice its hard to actually warm them up. My fingers will be warm then I'll touch something cold (e.g a class, a clean mug) and the heat has gone. I've been taking cayenne pepper capsules, eating raw garlic cloves, drinking ginger and cinnamon in warm water and am going to buy some ginkgo. I am beginning to feel some changes in my hands already


Put your hands in warm water for a while before starting treatment.


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