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Anyone else dealing with Raynaud's in a very young child?

just wondering if anyone else is dealing with Raynauds in a child? my Daughter is 3 and just been diagnosed. Its only in her feet but she reacts severely to conditions that really arent that cold, she wont walk it hurts her so much, her feet go so purple and shes blotchy to her thighs. We've bought her some thermal gortex boots which have helped and are layering socks, tights slippers etc in the house but any advice for swimming, nursery things like that??

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While I don't have any experience myself, the RSA do sell Teddy's that come with a microwavable wheat bag. Which can be useful for a couple of hours.

With younger children, its going to be hard for swimming. Even in kids pools they don't have hot enough temperature usually, but it won't hurt to try it. Just remember to take fluffy warm towels and probably warm up exercises before getting in. If the water is too cool, ask if they might increase the temperature for a while or if they a session for disabled access as they usually have much warmer temperatures then.

Nursery is going to be tricky as most environments like that are kept at one temperature and there are a lot of people opening and closing doors, which can drop the temperature a lot. You should check whether your nursery deals with 'special needs', as the necessity for extra attention and warmth will be critical.

I'm not sure whether to advise LittleHotties or not, these are an exothermic chemical reaction, not dissimilar to warming packs but they might not be suitable for a three year old. There are alternative battery powered 'warmers' instead which can help keep body parts warmer


Hi I was born with raynauds and so was my son, he is 5 now and he also has cold urticaria (an allergy to the cold causing hives etc). We layer up and I attempt to keep his hands and feet as warm as possible, he can't go swimming for both reasons, what I have found is like GPs and general people raynauds isn't seen as a big deal and my little ones school have been extremely unhelpful in making sure he is wrapped up warm at play times etc so he comes home complaining that his hands and feet were funny colours and hurting at school and the teachers didn't listen.


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