Song Funny Bones - posted this on Tuk and LUK, thought R&S might also like to share!!!

for those of you who have been told “there’s nothing wrong with you because your labs are all normal…”

January 4th, 2011 · Funny Bones


(sung to the tune of ‘Home on the Range’)

Oh give me a jab,

send the tubes to the lab,

The results will come back then we’ll see,

The numbers will show,

All that we need to know,

Oh I so hope that they all will be


In The Normal Range,

Though my symptoms are not better yet,

My throat’s got a frog,

and my brain’s in a fog,

But my doctor just bought a Corvette.


Oh please let me be,

Where the labs all agree,

Oh yes, that is where I wish to dwell,

My doc says to stick,

with the arithmetic,

And don’t worry about whether I’m well.


In The Normal Range,

Not over, nor under a bit

Your numbers are fine,

so it’s all in your mind,

Even though you’re still feeling like shcrap

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  • Made me smile - thank you.

  • :-) Thank you.

  • :)

  • Loved it, thank you

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