The Raynaud's Winter Survival Kit

Today I have spend literally the whole day putting together a list of (cost effective) items that I've found really useful during the cold season to help cope with Raynaud's. It's a bit of a work in progress but I hope that it may be of some help to someone else. I've included direct links to the items and pricing. Sorry if there are a few errors, I've been staring at the screen for so long I just want to go to bed, hehe.

**Now updated with more stuff for the feet!**

It can be found here:

Warm hugs! x

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  • lovely, thank you to for all your hard work putting that together.


  • You're more than welcome :)

  • I'll be considering those fugg for myself. Why not copy and paste some over here?

  • Or not. Damn sexists!!!

  • Aw, I'm sorry! As I've said to others, I've only really made the list of stuff I know that can help and I don't really have any male products. Some are unisex and for the others there are male alternatives :)

  • Brilliant......thank you for all your hard is really useful and very impressive

    Well done x

  • Thank you so much :) It makes me very happy to know that it's been of some use to at least one person^^. x

  • That is really useful, many thanks!

  • That is really useful, many thanks!

  • thank you soo much very helpfull

  • It was last weeks Lidl offer but I managed to get some more today. What am I talking about...?

    Welly socks of course. They are fleece socks. I buy the large ones and wear them over other socks when required. Could also be used as bed socks.

    They are so warm. They may have already sold out though or will if you are not quick.

  • Sounds lovely, I'll have to take a look! :)

  • Just thought it was worth mentioning this, although its not strictly part of a survival kit.

    Wouldn’t you love to transform your old house into an eco home? 150 pioneering households already have. Don’t delay. Book for an open house event and find out how to:

    make your home eco friendly, sustainable, low carbon achieve minimal energy bills yet improved comfort start green living and make an eco-retrofit succeed

    There is the chance to visit homes that have carried out extensive insulation upgrades for hints and ideas. Quite important really for all the Raynauds sufferers out there.

  • This was very useful to read. You have put lots of time and effort into your blog. Thanks for your support

  • This is so helpful, with so many useful and reasonably priced items listed. Thanks so much for doing this x

  • Many thanks,really helpful :) well done x

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