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Food sensitivities & Systemic Sclerosis

Weight control is a problem for lots of us with Raynauds, osteoarthritis & Autoimmune conditions. I have all of these & my poor old of knees would really benefit from a weight reduction. My motabolism doesn't respond as it should so I've been looking into The Myers Way which is an elimination regime that claims to help identify food sensitivities.

Have any other suffers been offered food sensitivity testing as part of their treatment plan?

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Yes I quite agree it is a problem for those of with these health problems. I struggled for years to lose weight then last year I finally did it I am 15kgs lighter and yes it has had a real effect on my joints, it has really helped. I didnt go on a diet just monitored my food and exercise on myfitnesspal.com

Good luck :)



If you think that you may have food allergies/intolerances then you should try and persuade your GP to refer you to a dietician - he might also refer you if you ask for help with weight loss, but they seem to prefer to give you a general diet sheet (which assumes you can move about and have normal dietary needs).

Some years ago, I caught a nasty stomach virus, from a colleague who had been to India, which permanently messed my digestion up. I was referred to a dietcian and she put me on an exclusion diet which identifies food allergies and intolerances by putting you on a very basic diet until your symtons have gone then you add foods (one at a time) and seeing which, if any, brings your symptons back. It is not used for weight loss. It requires a lot of patience. But it does work.

Wishing you all the best, N.

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Thanks for your thoughts.


Hi Madge51

Don't beat yourself up about your weight. I wouldn't be too drastic about this diet and that diet.

Just cut down on the portions, sugar, salt and fat and take some gentle exercises when you fell up to it. Put on a reggae or socca cd and do your own thing around the room.

I have always been nicely cuddly and dieted for twenty odd years to maintain a size 14. I stopped worrying about dieting and felt liberated at aged 42yrs. I am not a naturally slim person, as a child I was chubby which made my lovely granny proud when folks praised her for taking such good care of me. I am from Jamaica so being plump was a sign of love and good care from my grand parents who raised me.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that you have medical reasons for the difficulty in losing weight. Whilst any weight loss is good and will benefit the joints, just be gentle and kind to yourself whilst doing it. Make sure to have some treats as well. Denying yourself all the tasty things will only make you miserable and we all have enough to worry about already, so

eat what you like but a little less of it. This is only my opinion.

Have a lovely weekend.

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What a really nice approach to the whole subject. Thank you so much for your feedback & advice.


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