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Is there a link between Raynaud and Milk?

My son has eczema and we found out it was caused by a milk intolerance. As I also had eczema as a child and dandruft as an adult I decided to stop using dairy products as well.

To my surprise I felt much warmer. I always dreaded autumn as the dead/white fingers season starts for me. But this year I haven't had them yet. As I feel warmer I also feel more relaxed. My body doesn't have to spend all its energy in keeping me warm.

Has anybody else this experience?

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I dont drink milk or any dairy for that matter - i just dont like it. I still have severe raynauds so unfortunatly there is no link there for me.


No link for me either I'm afraid - my Raynauds developed when I was about 13, I gave up milk and all dairy in about 1994 but nothing changed.


I wwent on a no dairy products diet for some years. It made no difference to my Raunaud. I am glad it worked for you.


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