Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)


HIya had my toenail removed for the fifth time last week, hoping it works this time. I was told the previous times times that i had it done that an old fashioned procedure, had been used. and that they had stopped using 30 years ago - can't remember want it was called. Also that it was advised not to use the procedure, but they still go ahead. Not great for the poor patients who have the procedure.

Winter is here again, hoping the snow stays away this time. hoping i haven't bored anyone. Stay positive, easier said than done, i know.

if anyone else has to have the toenail done, don't put it off, make sure they use phenol as it kills the the nail bed off. Also let them know about your raynauds.

keep warm, take care and persevere.

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I hope it works this time bookworm, and I just ordered some foot warmers and am stocked up on hand warmers as well as my Hot Rock! So hopefully am prepared for the cold!


The third time I had to have the same toenail removed, I went to a podiatrist and he used sodium hydroxide (lye) to kill the nail bed. Never had another problem with it. So as bookworm said, don't put it off, and my recommendation is go to the podiatrist, they are specialist for a reason.


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